It's sometimes difficult to spot enemies, especially snakes in grassland. When you play on Sanhok and Livik, you can be killed by annoying snakes on grass or flower fields. It can be due to your in-game settings or poor tactics. Here are tips and tricks to spot enemies in BGMI like an alien.

#1. Anti-Aliasing

Anti-aliasing often makes players confused because they can't decide whether to enable it or not. This visual setting has both advantages and disadvantages. In terms of pros, this visual feature allows you to spot enemies more easily and quickly than when you disable it. It works smoothly and well on mid and high-end devices. Don't turn it on if you are playing BGMI on low-end devices.

Anti-aliasing makes the pixel on the edges smoother to spot enemies faster. It works well on the device with high-resolution devices because it has a higher pixel density. But if you turn it on when using low-end devices, your battery will drain faster. Moreover, it may cause lag, which is more annoying.

Anti Aliasing
The anti-aliasing feature makes edge pixels smoother.

#2. Eye Movement

Movements often catch the eye. Therefore, it's easier to spot moving targets. Instead of keeping your eyes on supplies or your teammates, you should focus on the game or look around when moving on the open ground.

Don't just run in one direction because you will become an easy target on the open land. You need to jump and move jiggly. When your character's eyes move, you can spot enemies earlier than your teammates to get that kill.

Keep Jumping And Look Around
Keep jumping and look around to check moving targets.

#3. Brightness

If you leave the brightness too low, you cannot spot anything on the map. Always keep the brightness of your device around 80% to make sure that you can see things on the map, including enemies. But don't leave it too high or it may affect your eyes.

For example, you may get dazzled if playing the game with 100% brightness. Besides, your battery also drains faster when you play BGMI with 100% brightness.

The Best Brightness
The best brightness is 80%.

#4. Best Graphics

Besides anti-aliasing and brightness, you also need the best visual settings to spot enemies fast and easily.

  • Always select colorful graphics instead of soft or other visual options for higher contrast. The high color contrast makes enemies become lighter and more significant, especially in dark backgrounds, such as the grassland in tropical rain forests in Sanhok.
  • Choose smooth graphics. Don't choose high visual options or shadows will appear and distract you. Graphic qualities above balanced make it harder to spot enemies.
Best Graphic Settings
Best graphic settings for all devices.

You may refer to the best BGMI ultra HD graphics supported devices and settings to see whether they fit your phones or not. Having quality graphics clearly gives you an edge over your enemies.

#5. Corner Vision

The corner vision means indirect vision. You need to keep your crosshair low to scan the area around to spot moving things, such as vehicles and running players. You can also use the free-look camera to look around. Besides, you should use the TTP mode to spot enemies when standing in the corner of walls or behind the cover without exposing your body.

As PUBG Mobile and BGMI are more prone to survival games, a lot of players are playing defensively. It means that there are more campers insides bushes and grass. You should keep checking them with grenades or Molotovs.

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