BGMI and PUBG Mobile pro fraggers often prefer aggressive gameplay. This means they need to choose the best weapons and best settings for ARs to play better and increase K/D ratio. Check out the best weapon combo for fraggers in this game.

I. Best Weapon Combo For Fraggers

Here are the top weapon combinations for fraggers with aggressive gameplay in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

#1. M461 And AKM

M146 is one of the best ARs in PUBG Mobile because it's stable and easy to shoot. Moreover, its accuracy is also great. Both AKM and M416 in BGMI are very powerful with high hit damage and high firing rates. You can knock down some enemies or a full opponent squad.

  • The hit damage of M416 is 41 HP per hit.
  • AKM's hit damage is 49 HP per hit.

Both of them have a large ammo capacity of 30-40 bullets per load. That amount of bullets are enough to do a clutch if you are pro, or enemies are noobs. It's the best weapon combo for aggressive fraggers in this game.

Amk And M416
AMK and M416 for fast kills.

#2. M416 And DP-28

If you cannot control AKM well, you can replace it with DP-28. This LMG also uses 7.65mm ammunition like AKM but it's more stable than AKM. Both these weapons in this weapon combo have high damage and automatic firing mode for assaulters.

You can use the M416 as the main weapon and the DP-28 as the backup gun. DP-28 has a high base damage of 52 which is higher than that of AKM. It also has a tripod to make the barrel stable when you spray bullets in long-range combat when your character is lying on the ground.

Dp 28 And M416
DP-28 And M416.

#3. Groza And M249

Groza is the rarest 7.62 AR in this game because it is one of a few airdrop weapons in BGMI. M249 has been brought from the airdrop to the map. Then, it's more popular and easy to loot now. M249 has a large ammo capacity of 15 bullets with extended mag and 75 bullets without it.

Groza has high hit damage and M249 has an insane rate of fire. So, both of them are really good for aggressive gameplay. This gun combo is very powerful but it's pretty hard to collect both of them. This weapon combo uses the same ammo type as the two previous combos, including 5.56 ammo and 7.62 ammo.

II. Best Sensitivity For Headshots

Apart from the best weapon combo in BGMI, you need to have great sensitivity settings to make headshots with these guns.

  • Camera sensitivity for ARs and LMGs should be high for short-range scope and low for long-range scope.
Camera sensitivity.
  • The ADS sensitivity should be lower than the camera sensitivity settings so that you won't get dizzy because of screen shake when spraying bullets with the scope on.
Ads Sensitivity
ADS sensitivity.
  • The gyro sensitivity for TTP, FPP, and close-range scopes like holo, red dot, and aim assist should be 400% so that the camera moves correctly.
Gyro Sensitivity
Gyro sensitivity.

You can learn from these recommended sensitivity settings and adjust your own sensitivity setting based on your gameplay and devices.

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