If you want to play like pro players in BGMI and PUBG New State, you should master gyroscope skills. Here are tips and tactics to improve gyroscope in BGMI and PUBG New State for beginners in these shooting games.

I. Tips To Improve Gyroscope In BGMI & PUBG New State

BGMI and PUBG New State rookies need some tips to improve their gyroscope skills to play better every day.

#1. Adjust Your Sensitivity Setting

Sensitivity is very important for gyro players because you mainly rely on it to control the gun recoil. In fact, it's important for both gyro and non-gyro players. But non-gyro players can use more function buttons to control the barrel, such as the camera, aim, and right fire button.

You need to adjust the BGMI sensitivity of your device based on your smartphone quality and your gameplay. Leave it high if you play fast and low if you are learning gyro.

Adjust Your Own Sensitivity
Adjust your own sensitivity.

#2. Do Not Copy Sensitivity

A lot of beginners in BGMI and PUBG New State copied the sensitivity settings of others. But it's not a good idea because your gameplay and device quality are not the same. Pro players on the live stream platforms and YouTube often play fast. Therefore, their gyro sensitivity is also high so that they can react quickly.

But if you are a beginner in gyroscope, you should start with low sensitivity, or you will get dizzy because of screen shake. Adjust your own sensitivity setting at different levels of mastery.

Do Not Copy Settings
Do not copy the settings of other players.

#3. Build Muscle Memory

You have to tilt your smartphones to adjust the camera, aim, and control the gun recoil. Therefore, it's important to build muscle memory for different weapons and actions.

For example, if your use guns with high recoil like AKM and M249, you need to tilt your phone down wider than when using stable guns, such as UMP45 and Micro UZI. In addition, learn how wide you need to tilt your phones to move your head around when being surrounded.

Build The Muscle Memory
Build muscle memory.

#4. Have A Perfect Pose

When you are learning to shoot and fight with the gyroscope in BGMI, find the best pose to shoot. For example, if you shoot while standing, it's harder to control the gun recoil and spray bullets. But you can stand if you fire with the bolt-action sniper rifles.

When you want to spray bullets with ARs and LMGs, you can switch to the crouch or prone pose to make the gun more stable and easier to control.

Croch To Spray Bullets
Crouch to spray bullets with lower recoil.

#5. Practice In Training Room

Every time you learn a new skill in BGMI and PUBG New State, you should practice and try to master it in the training room. These battle royale games have the training room for players to practice shooting with different targets, including moving targets. Although these targets are very easier to aim at than real players, they still help you master the aiming skill and build muscle memory.

II. Recommended Gyro Sensitivity For Beginners

You shouldn't copy the gyro sensitivity, but you can learn the range of the sensitivity level to set and adjust then. This is a recommended gyro sensitivity you can learn from to make your own sensitivity setting.

Gyro Sensitivity
Recommended gyro sensitivity for beginners.

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