BGMI premium crate has a lot of luxurious and rare rewards. Sometimes, this crate is replaced by Custom Crates. You need to use crate coupons or UC to open this crate. Check out how to get rewards from the upcoming premium crate BGMI here.

Next Crate
The next crate seems to have a winter theme.

I. When Will New Premium Crate Come?

The Premium Crate is being replaced by Custom Crate now. BGMI Custom Crate will end after eight days, then the Premium Crate in BGMI will come back to the game. Therefore, the next BGMI premium crate will arrive on November 18th, 2021.

The upcoming premium crate will come back soon next week with a lot of stunning skins and rare items. You should start to save up and prepare to open the crate from this moment.

Custom Crate
The current Custom Crate will end after eight days.

II. What Is In BGMI Next Premium Crate?

The new items in the next premium crate in BGMI have been revealed in the beta version. It's likely that the upcoming crate will contain winter-themed skins and ornaments.

Here are some leaked items in the next premium crate you can get randomly.

  • Premium Crate bundles

Snowflake Fairy Set; Snowflake Fairy headgear; Cute Penguin Cover; Cute Penguin Set; Reindeer Trainer Headgear; Reindeer Trainer Set; Christmas Antler; and Naughty Christmas Set.

Snowflake Fairy
The upcoming crate may have the Snowflake Fairy Set.
  • New Christmas-themed gear skins

Snowflake Fairy Kar98K; Cute Penguin Speedboat skin; Snowflake Fairy Backpack skin; Cute Penguin helmet skin; Candy Cane VSS skin; Shining Star helmet skins.

Cute Penguin Set
Cute Penguin Set is an adorable bundle that may appear in the next crate.

Other than those skins and bundles, there are also many old rewards, such as graffiti, ornaments, and silver coins, but BGMI and PUBG Mobile players don't want to get these items when spending UC to spin and open this crate. Most players want to get themed sets and rare skins from this crate. These rare items can be removed and replaced by new skins when the new crate is released.

III. How To Open BGMI New Premium Crate?

There are two ways to open the Premium Crate in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, including using UC and using Premium Crate coupons. Check out how to get Premium Crate coupons and open this crate for free and increase the chance to get rare items.

#1. How to get Premium Crate coupons

There are some ways to get the Premium Crate coupon to open the Premium crate for free.

You can purchase five scraps per day from the Redeem Shop by using silver coins. Each scrap costs 20 silver coins. Besides, you can also collect these scraps from in-game events and mission rewards.

Players can also get these coupons from lucky spins that cost UC, treasure crates, Recall events, and progress missions.

Premium Crate Coupon Scraps
You can buy 10 Premium Crate coupon scraps every two days to merge and create a coupon.
  • Get Premium Crate coupons:

BGMI and PUBG Mobile players can earn many Premium Crate coupons by completing Achievement Missions. Besides, the game publisher also rewards players with many crate coupons in their celebration events, such as the current Reunion Event.

In Game Events
You can get more coupons from in-game events and achievement missions.

You shouldn't miss any opportunities to get this item and open the crate without wasting UC.

#2. How to get rare items from BGMI Premium Crate

To increase the chance to get rare items from the Premium crate, you need to use ten crate coupons at once. The crate allows players to choose between using a single coupon or using a combo of ten coupons simultaneously. From the experience of most players, you should save about some dozens of coupons to use at one time.

Mythic Items
Mythic items like themed bundles are very rare and hard to obtain.

Items in the crate are categorized into four groups with different spawn rates.

  • Mythic items (red color): 0.5%.
  • Legendary item (Pink color): 3%.
  • Epic items (Purple color): 16.5%.
  • Rare items (Dark blue color): 80%.

Themed items are often mythic items, such as Snowflake Fairy Set and Cute Penguin Set. Therefore, it's very hard to get those items. You have to use a lot of crate coupons or big luck to get them. If you don't want to save coupons for free crates, you need to spend a lot of UC.

Complete Achievement Missions
You need to work hard and save as many coupons as possible to get rare items for free.

Those are things you need to know about the BGMI premium crate and new items in the upcoming crate. Work hard and try to save as many coupons as possible to get stunning items for free.

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