BGMI Royale Pass C1S2 will finish after November 18th, 2021. Then, it is the BGMI M5 Royale Pass date that a lot of players are expecting. Check out all leaked rewards in the upcoming season and the price of Elite Pass here.

Bgmi Rp M5
BGMI RP M5 is coming soon.

I. BGMI M5 Royale Pass Date

The current season BGMI M4 will end on November 18th, 2021. Then, the BGMI M5 royale pass release date will fall at around 5.30 a.m. (IST) on November 19th, 2021.

The main theme and all rewards of the upcoming season are also out on that day. The new season will start soon, so you should save up or top up UC to buy the Elite Pass when it comes to the game. Besides, you need to complete the RP mission of BGMI M4 and rank up to level 50 to obtain all rewards of the current season before it ends.

II. BGMI M5 Royale Pass Rewards

There are two types of Royale Pass rewards, including Free Pass and Elite Pass. As normal, the Elite Pass has more luxurious rewards. The main theme of the upcoming season will be out on the BGMI new season release date.

Here are the top special gifts you can get from the Free Pass and Elite Pass you can get in the new season.

  • RP M5 new helmet skin.
Pubg Mobile Helmet Skin
The new helmet skin has black and orange colors.
  • New pistol skin in RP M5.
Pistol Skin
This can be the new pistol skin.
  • New AKM skin for the new RP season.
Pubg Mobile Akm Gun Skin
The new AKM skin is very cool.
  • RP M5 new backpack skin.
  • New parachute skin in the new season reward.

There are many new Emotes and bundles that haven't been leaked yet. Just wait and update the latest leaks and news about the upcoming season rewards. Besides, you will also receive many normal rewards, such as supply and classic crate coupon scraps, silver coins, AG money, graffiti paints, BP, and vouchers.

III. BGMI M5 Royale Pass Price

The price of BGMI M5 is not different from that of previous seasons. The Free Pass will be unlocked automatically when the new season comes. Meanwhile, the Elite Pass costs 360 UC and the Elite Pass Plus costs 960 UC. You need to use real cash or money in the Google Balance wallets to top up UC.

There are many ways to top up UC in BGMI.

  • Online shops

There are many shops for you to top up UC in PUBG Mobile and BGMI, such as Codashop, Misdabuy, SEAGM, etc. The price of UC on these pages is not different. These shops offer various payment methods for you to choose from. It's very easy to purchase UC from these online shops.

  • In-game shop

To top up UC in the game, you tap on the plus icon next to the UC wallet on the top right corner of the phone screen. Then, check out the UC packages and their prices in the shop. After selecting the pack you want to purchase, you complete the payment to fulfill your UC wallet.

After topping up UC, you open the Royale Pass section in the game and tap on the RP section to open it. In the bottom right corner, you tap on the Upgrade Pass button. Then, select the Elite Pass or Elite Pass Plus. Pay UC and unlock the purchased pass.

Rp M5 Rewards
BGMI and PUBG Mobile new will arrive with the new update 1.7.

IV. How To Get All BGMI Rewards

To get all BGMI rewards, you need to buy the Elite Pass or Elite Pass plus. Then, collect as many RP points as possible to level up and reach level 50 before the season ends. Here are tips to complete all missions and reach level 50 soon after BGMI M5 Royale Pass date.

#1. Match With Friends & Play Squad Modes

Most RP missions require players to complete in the squad mode. Besides, you can ask them for help to complete these missions quickly. For example, some missions require you to find weapons, helmets, medkits, or vehicles. More players can find these items faster. Besides, the co-op missions give you higher RP points.

Play In Squad Mode
You should team up with permanent friends when playing in the squad mode.

#2. Master All Weapons

Many RP missions in BGMI and PUBG Mobile require players to eliminate the target with specific weapons, such as Kar89k, Beryl M462, crossbow, or UMP45, etc. Therefore, you need to master all these weapons to complete these missions. Besides, you should master some throwables, such as Molotovs and frag grenades.

Master All Weapons
Master all weapons.

#3. Improve Solo Gameplay

Sometimes, you have to complete some missions in solo mode. To make sure that you won't waste your time on these missions, you have to improve your solo skills so that you can survive and complete these missions, or you will have to jump again and again.

Improve Solo Skills
Improve your solo skills.

#4. Don't Miss Daily Missions

A lot of players in BGMI and PUBG Mobile only focus on weekly missions that often give them higher points. But you shouldn't miss daily missions. These daily missions are very easy to complete. They also give you a significant number of RP points that help you push rank in RP faster.

The BGMI M5 Royale Pass date is coming soon. There are many new rewards and stunning permanent skins in BGMI Royale Pass M5. Just complete this season and get ready for the next season now.

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