Choosing the best places to land on the two PUBG Mobile Lite maps is pretty important to get Chicken Dinner. If you want to survive longer and get closer to Chicken Dinner, you should land in a safe location to get ready for the match. Check out the top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite locations for safe loot and defensive gameplay here.

PUBG Mobile Lite has two maps, including Varenga and Golden Woods.

#1. Promontory

Promontory is one of the best PUBG Mobile Lite locations for safe loot and gameplay. This is a very top place on the Varenga map 0.19.0, so not many players choose this place to drop in. You don't need to engage early in the first circle when you land here. You will have time to loot safely and get ready for the battle royale match.

Promontory has many buildings with enough loots to gear up to survive in later zones.

Promontory is a safe place to loot.

#2. Garbo

Another place for safe loot in PUBG Mobile Lite on the Golden Woods map is Garbo where you get decent supplies, such as weapons, healing items, and armor sets.

After getting enough loots, you should get to other places to get better supplies or start to get kills and increase the rank points and get higher tier in PUBG Mobile Lite. If you don't get enough guns, ammo, and protection before combat, you will be an easy target for opponents to take you down. But this location is near the border of the map.

Garbo often attracts a few players.

#3. North Hill

If the flight line crosses North Hill, you should land on this place. Players can get a lot of decent loots to be well prepared. But you need to plan for the next move after landing here.

Though not many players choose to land in North Hill, you still have to be cautious. You have to loot anything you can see around after landing so that you can respond if other players also land here. Then, you can survive and enter the next circle. But it's also near the edge of the map Varenga, so you need to loot fast and enter the playing zone early.

North Hill
North Hill is also safe for passive players.

#4. Farmland

Farmland is one of the best PUBG Mobile Lite locations on the Golden Woods map for safe loot and survival gameplay. Like the previous places on this list, this place often attracts a few players. So it's pretty safe in the early stages of the rank match because players often prefer central areas so stay in the second circle without having to move much. But sometimes you may encounter one or two enemies when the flight line crosses here. It's located at the bottom of the map.

Farmland Has Enough Decent Loots
Farmland has enough decent loots.

#5. Vista

Vista is on the northwestern corner of the map Varenga. This place has many houses and buildings with a decent amount of supplies. It's a nice place for passive players in rank matches. You won't encounter many enemies when landing here. Besides, you can choose other locations near the edge of these two maps to avoid early gunfights and have safe begins.

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