It’s safe to say that PUBG Mobile is the biggest portable title as of now in India, with millions of active players monthly. But what if your device’s specs don’t support the game? Then try out the optimized PUBG Mobile Lite. It’s basically the same as the full version but made specifically for lower-end phones to run smoothly. You’ll still get the tense, addictive gameplay with others on the same maps - the feature that put the Battle Royale genre on the top of the current time. Speaking of maps, here’s everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Lite maps

pubg mobile lite maps optimized version
PUBG Mobile Lite is an optimized version for lower-end devices

Being an optimized version of the popular game, however, PUBG Mobile Lite doesn’t sacrifice any of its signature gameplay. The game offers 2 modes: the classic Battle Royale, or Arcade, each with different maps available for players to choose. We won’t share much about how to play out the game, or what to do (you can read more on our previous guides), but focus more on the PUBG Mobile Lite maps only. They will be divided based on game modes and described in detail. 

PUBG Mobile Lite Maps: Battle Royale Maps

This is the classic mode that put PUBG on the gaming world back in 2017. Back then, the only map available was Erangel, but it was more than enough to attract millions of players worldwide to join the revolutionary battlegrounds. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to compete in this iconic playground. Rather, the BR mode features 2 new PUBG Mobile Lite maps: Varenga and Golden Woods.


The first PUBG Mobile Lite map name in Battle Royale mode that we would like to mention is Varenga. It’s the equivalent of Erangel - the classic battleground we mentioned above but shrunken to a smaller size. After all, PUBG Mobile Lite is made for only 60 players per match, so it would be silly to drop them on a larger map that could fit 100 people. If you’re a veteran PUBG gamer, you’ll notice the similarity between the two. However, most of the locations’ names have been changed, given it a refreshing touch. 

pubg mobile lite maps varenga
Varenga resembles the classic Erangel map

Varenga PUBG Mobile Lite Map Loot

It seems like the developers really want to push the game pace in PUBG Mobile Lite, so much that perhaps they increase the number of loots available. With a bit of time and some luck, you can get your hands on all the equipment you need for the “Chicken Dinner”. However, there are also “hotspots” on Varenga with better weapons, armors, and, of course, more chance of encountering enemies. Here’s a list of locations you should prioritize for early PUBG Mobile Lite map loot in Varenga:

  • The Stadium: Located in the middle of the map, filled with guns from ARs to sniper rifles, consumables, and armors. 
  • Pilot Plaza: The largest city on Varenga with tall buildings, perfect to look for level 3 armor and helmet. 
  • Factory: This power plant is on the West of the map, often spawns AKM and M416.
  • Warehouse: This compound offers tons of loot that can be easily accessed on top of containers. It’s ideal to get items for early combats.
pubg mobile lite maps varenga loot
Where to loot in Varenga? The Stadium is never a bad choice

Golden Woods

The next PUBG Mobile Lite map name in BR mode is Golden Woods - the equivalent of Sanhok in the full version. Originally designed for fast gameplay and non-stop combats, the map doesn’t undergo that big of a change as compared to Varenga. However, the locations are also modified to give players a new vibe. Moreover, the ground turns into a golden brown shade, hence the name, Golden Woods. 

pubg mobile lite maps golden woods sanhok
Golden Woods is definitely based on Sanhok

Golden Woods PUBG Mobile Lite Map Loot

In terms of loot, it’s pretty much similar to Sanhok. You’ll notice the item spawn rate is higher than that of Varenga or Erangel in the classic version. Therefore, this map is perfect for those who prefer constant combats. The signature weapons of Golden Woods are the QBU - a DMR replacing the Mini14, and the QBZ - the equivalent of SCAR-L. Both fires the common 5.56 green ammunition. Here’s a list of locations with better loot in Golden Woods:

  • Garbo: Located on the top left corner of the map, filled with guns and armors
  • Military School: As the name suggests, it’s the best place to find weapons, consumables, and attachments. But do expect that many will choose to drop here.
  • Collection Field: This is a great spot for newbies. It has all the equipment you need, but with fewer players.
Golden Woods pubg mobile lite maps military school
Most players will choose to drop in Military School for the best loot

Miramar - PUBG Mobile Lite New Map 2020

As confirmed by the developers, Miramar will be the next PUBG Mobile Lite map name to come in 2020. It’s scheduled with the 0.18.0 update that will be online on July 25th. We’re not sure whether it would keep its original name or not. Perhaps the devs will do the same thing they did to Erangel and Sanhok. However, there’s one certain thing is that it won’t be as big. PUBG Mobile Lite is made for 60 players only, so they definitely shrink Miramar down to meet the standard. 

pubg mobile lite map miramar
Miramar is confirmed coming to PUBG Mobile Lite in the 0.18.0 update

PUBG Mobile Lite Maps: Arcade Modes

Besides the classic Battle Royale style, players can go for the Arcade modes. There are currently four available options: Deathmatch, Payload, War, and War RPG. All of these game modes are based on the Varenga map, with the Deathmatch is fixed on Warehouse. Others will feature battlegrounds in random locations. 

pubg mobile lite maps
Team Deathmatch is now available in PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Deathmatch: It’s like the good old deathmatch in other shooting games, two teams fight each other until one reaches the kill goal or the time is up. This mode is based on Warehouse. 
  • Payload: Consider this the upgraded version of the classic BR, with the addition of heavy weaponry and helicopters. You can play solo or in a team of up to 4 players. 
  • War: War mode will have players fighting each other on a random location on Varenga with the same set of equipment. 
  • War RPG: It’s war mode, but with RPG (pretty self-explanatory). 

That’s everything you need to know about all of the PUBG Mobile Lite maps. They stay true to the spirit of the lite version: compact, fast-paced, and filled with loot. We think most players would appreciate these changes as no one likes a boring game where you win with just 1 or 2 kills, right? To keep up with the PUBG Mobile Lite Map Miramar, tune in to our website at