PUBG Lite secret places always give you amazing loot or the best place for camping or sniping. Here are some secret locations on Varenga and Erangel maps. These are the two most popular maps in PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile Lite games. You will also learn some tips to get Chicken Dinner in every PUBG Mobile Lite match with

PUBG Mobile Lite Secret Places On Varenga Map

Varenga is a lite version of Erangel in PUBG Mobile Lite with grassy terrain and many residential areas. To get Chicken Dinner in every match, you should know these secret PUBG mobile lite hidden places.


The very first PUBG mobile lite secret place is the Stadium. It’s one of the best places to loot on this map. There are many houses, buildings, and shelters with a great number of good loot in the Stadium. You can find a lot of decent weapons here, from SMGs, ARs, and legendary sniper rifles. Besides, you can also find some rare attachments here, such as 6x scopes or suppressors. In addition, the Stadium is often the location of the airdrop.

Stadium Pubg Mobile Lite
Stadium one of the best places to loot on this map.

Pilot Plaza

The next PUBG mobile lite secret location in Varenga map is Pilot Plaza. There are three large buildings with a lot of good loots here. You can grab a decent gun after landing and camp on the rooftops. There are so many decent guns and level-3 armors here. It’s very easy to find scopes, good attachments, and consumables here.

Pilot Plaza
Pilot Plaza has many places to camp


The Factory is another PUBG mobile lite hidden place that you need to know. It’s located on the western end of Veranga map. You can land on the top floor of the Factory, grab a sniper rifle and attachments to camp. You can also find level-3 vets and helmet, the best equipment for snipers in this game, on the top floor. Besides, this place also offers you many other powerful weapons such as AKM, Beryl M762, and M416. The best tip is looting weapons and supplies after landing on the Factory. Then, you should occupy the top floor to spot and camp enemies.

You can land on the top floor of the Factory


The last place on this list of secret places in PUBG mobile lite is the Warehouse on the eastern side of the map. This spot is rich in good weapons, from shotguns, SMGs, to ARs, DMRs, and sniper rifles. Besides, you can also find a full set of good attachments and armors here. You can camp and spot the enemies from any corners of the Warehouse.

PUBG Lite Secret Places For Loots On Erangel Map

Erangel is the most-played map in PUBG Lite. Here are some best places to loot and get Chicken Dinner on this map.


This city is always the best place for landing on Erangel Island. Pochinki is the largest city with a lot of houses, buildings, and compounds. Therefore, it’s also the richest place to loot on this map. Moreover, this city is located in the center of this island. So, it’s quite easy to access from the plane and the safe zone often shrinks in this area. You can land at the end of the city, grab some decent weapons, attachments, and supplies. Then, prone to camp on a rooftop to get some kills.

Pochinki is always the richest place in PUBG Lite

Yasnaya Polyana

The next PUBG lite hidden place on this map is Yasnaya Polyana. This big city is located on the eastern side of the island. There are a lot of houses and buildings with good loots. These houses can also be good covers for you in combat here.

Yasnaya Polyana Is Another Big City
Yasnaya Polyana Is Another Big City In PUBG Lite


The third name in this list of PUBG Lite secret places is Novorepnoye on the southern side of the island. It’s a harbor with a lot of containers and garages. However, Novo can be outside the white circle as it’s located on the edge of the map. Therefore, you should loot weapons and supplies quickly to get to the safe zone soon.

Novorepnoye Is One Of The Top PUBG Lite Secret Places

Tips To Get Chicken Dinner In Every PUBG Mobile Lite Match

You have learned some PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite secret places. Next, let’s pocket some tips and tricks to get Chicken Dinner in every match you play.

You Won’t Need Vehicles In Those Maps

The first thing to keep in mind is not using vehicles on these maps. These PUBG Mobile lite maps are much smaller than the original map in PUBG Mobile. So, you can easily move to every corner of the map on foot. Using a vehicle only attracts the enemies’ attention and unveils your position.

You Dont Need A Vehicle On This Small Map
You Don't Need A Vehicle On This Small Map

Moreover, don’t hesitate to land on the edge of the island to loot. You will have enough time to rush into the safe zone before the electric zone shrinks in. If you need to use the vehicle, you should stop and leave the car outside the blue zone and run into the playing zone quietly. Only use the vehicle to rush the airdrop. Burst the car before using it as a cover in an open ground.

Find A Scope And Snipe To Get Chicken Dinner

As the map is much smaller, you can use a 4x scope to spot and aim the enemies far from you. Then, attach a large scope to your sniper rifle and camp in one of PUBG Lite secret places. You should grab a red dot or 2x scope for close combat on these small maps. These attachments are enough for ADS and getting Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Use Scope For Ads
Use Scopes For ADS

Moreover, sniping is the best way to get kills in this game. It’s because the developers announced that there is no bullet drop in this game. So, every bullet you shoot will go straight to the aimed target. It’s much easier to make a headshot and get a kill with a sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile Lite.

You Can Find An RPG In One Of PUBG Lite Secret Places

Another secret tip is to find the Rocket Propelled Grenade or RPG in PUBG Mobile Lite. Sometimes, this heavy weapon can guarantee your victory in this game. You can find this weapon in the airdrop on open ground or one of the above PUBG mobile lite hidden places. It can help you clear a squad moving in a car with only one accurate shot.

Those are some PUBG Lite secret places you need to know. You also get some tips to get Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile from this article. To update the latest PUBG Mobile Lite game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let’s visit our website.