Another season of PUBG Mobile Lite is coming soon. The game has been doing pretty well as of late, capitalizing on the low tier mobile device market. A lot of new content specifically optimized for Lite has been added - and it looks like Tencent is not gonna stop that any time soon. The Lite version has gained enough players to sustain its many maps, including unique ones like Golden Woods and Varenga.

Payload mode is going to be a part of the Lite version

Based on a recent leak, the 0.17.0 patch would add Payload mode, one of the more popular arcade mode in the main game. Players would now be able to fly helicopters while shooting at each other with a Rocket Launcher. They are definitely pushing the game to the limit, as multiple flying vehicles like a helicopter would increase the load and might cause performance issues.

A whole new location called Spawn Island would be added to the Erangel map. The island is filled with a pretty decent array of loot, including high tier scopes and high-level gear. It is separated from the main map, however, you would need a boat to reach the location.

The spawn island was pretty popular

Data for companions are also found in the game files as well - it looks like this is yet another system the developers are going to port into PUBG Mobile Lite. Only one type of companion would be available at first, however, the rest would be added in later.

The companion system

The last update in the 0.17.0 patch is the clan perks feature. It is not sure how this would work yet, but it is likely that the whole clan would get various bonuses based on the contribution of its players. This is probably made in order to encourage players to spend money to make their own clans.

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