Recently, Google has launched the famous battle royale title PUBG on Google Stadia. PUBG is completely free for members who have subscribed to Google Stadia Pro. For free players, they will have to buy the game in order to play it on Google Stadia. The price for the subscription of Goole Stadia Pro is $10/month

PUBG on Stadia will have the cross-play capability with other platforms. Players who play using a mouse and keyboard setup will be matched with PC players while players who use mobile phones and consoles will be matched with console players.

Google Stadia Pubg 1
PUBG has come to Stadia

PUBG has a pretty large player base with hundreds of thousands of players playing the game every day on both PC and console. With the cross-platform capability of PUBG on Google Stadia, players should be matched with real players. But instead, many users have been facing a lot of bots while playing PUBG on Google Stadia.

Since the beginning, there has been no bot in PUBG. But it seems that PUBG has recently decided to add bots into the game to play with new players. Bots have been introduced in PUBG Mobile a long time ago. They are a great tool for new players to get used to the game without getting frustrated because of getting killed by a more experienced player.

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PUBG Mobile has a lot of bots

The dev of PUBG has made a long post about how bots work and behave in PUBG on their blog. Since there is a new ranked system is coming in PUBG, bots are necessary for the game to make it works. They also mention that there will be fewer and fewer bots when your MMR gets higher and Ranked matches will have no bots.

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