Arctic Mode is a new game mode in PUBG Mobile. You do not only fight other players but also try to survive in a harsh condition on a snow map. Players will land on a both similar and strange Vikendi map. You need skills and a good strategy to get Chicken Dinner. Moreover, you need some tips and tricks to win the game. Check it out here with

Collect Branches

You need to collect at least 5 branches to survive in this arctic world to start a fire. When it gets cold and the temperature delines, you will get damage. To start the fire, you need to go inside a building and add branches to maintain the fire. 

Pubg Arctic Mode Branches
Collect branches to start a fire in the cold front mode

Collect Heaters and Warm Packs

When you are outside the buildings in cold weather, you need to use warm packs. It will decrease the damage you get from the harsh weather. Players should collect as many warm packs as possible to stay alive. A warm pack can last 30 seconds. Moreover, you should find and carry a Heater with you. These items are important for surviving in this mode.

Pubg Arctic Mode Warm Pack
The warm pack is essential in this mode

Keep Your Eyes At The Fire On Mini-map

If you spot a fire on the map, it means that there are some enemies at that spot. When the cold mode is on, players will enter buildings on the map and start the fire. It will unveil their locations on the minimap. However, keep in mind that when the cold mode is over, you need to rush away from your place because your enemies can know your location and attack your team. You can also see the opponents' locations to attack them quickly and clear the opponent squads.

Pubg Arctic Mode Fire
The fire can unveil the locations of players on the map


In this arctic map, you can use the skiboard to move faster. Moreover, it makes no sound. So, skiing helps you traverse quickly on this snow-covered map without unveiled your location. The skiboard will be available when you are on the snow-covered land.  

Pubg Arctic Mode Skiing
Use skis to move faster on the map

Use Drone Wisely

This new game mode features drones the scout the surrounding area. But it cannot fly over 300m away from you. When you use the drone, you are vulnerable to enemies' attacks. So, you should ask your teammate to cover you when you are piloting the drone.

Pubg Arctic Mode Drone
Use drone wisely to win Chicken Dinner

These are some tips and tricks for PUBG Mobile players to win Chicken Dinner in new arctic mode. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news and more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.