The next season of PUBG Mobile is only weeks away. In the meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has brought players a new event called Lucky Money Tree Event. Apart from the usual rewards such as skins, items, the event offers iPhone 11 PRO and a pair of Airpod as the grand prize for a few lucky players.

lucky tree pubg mobile

Lucky Money Tree Event Details and How to get iPhone 11

Event duration: April 28 to May 2.

The event will give you two missions per day. You will get a chance to shake the tree once you complete a mission.

In fact, one of the two missions is to log into the game so you basically get a free shake every day without having to do anything. To get another shake, you will have to complete a Classic match to finish the other mission. There are only 2 maximum tries every day and there is no other way to get more.

lucky tree pubg
You can get 2 chances to shake the tree each day

While all players have the same 8 chances to shake the tree over the entire duration of the event, there is a way for you to increase your chance to get the grand prize 4 times more than other people. In the rule of the event, they say that iPhone and a pair of Airpod will available every 24 hours. So instead of blowing up your 2 chances every day, you can spend all 8 chances until the last day and then use all of them. That is the best way to maximize your chance to get an iPhone 11 in this event. But you need to this as early as possible on the last day to make sure the prize won't have taken by other people yet.

Lucky Money Tree Pubg Mobile rule
An  iPhone and a pair of Airpod will available every 24 hours

If you can actually win an iPhone 11 or a pair of Airpod, don't forget to fill in your contact information to receive them.

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