Looks like PUBG Mobile Karakin map is going to be added to the game very soon – based on various new hints and leaked reports. People are definitely going to flood into the map once the update hit – and it is best to learn how to play it now rather than later in order to net some easy win. Karakin is vastly different from the regular PUBG Map like Erangel – it is only half as big as Sanhok, the current smallest PUBG Mobile map.

pubg mobile new map karakin
PUBG Mobile new map Karakin: The whole island is filled with crumbling buildings

Due to its size, the map would only be able to support only 64 players at the same time instead of the usual 100. There is also a new Black Zone, which functions like the Red Zone but is even more dangerous, as you would not be able to hide inside buildings. The biggest selling point of this map is the destructible environments – you can shoot through or blast down a lot of walls to create a brand new route. Hence, the most important item is probably sticky bombs.

In this guide, Gurugamer.com will discuss the general strategy that should be employed on Karakin and the best landing locations on the map.

1 – PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: Perfect Landing

Making a good landing is one of the most important parts that could make or break your PUBG Mobile match. This can be applied to every map, and Karakin is not an exception. Due to the smaller size, it is rather hard to land without clashing against other players in the vicinity – you must equip yourself as fast as possible to defend yourself if it happens.

pubg mobile new map karakin
PUBG Mobile new map Karakin: Map for all the important drop zones on the island

Below are some of the most important landing locations on the map that you might want to take note of:

  • Al Habar: Biggest town on the island, get to the roofs of the buildings for gears and vantage points – a popular landing spot.
  • Al Hayik: Smallest town near the coast – a quieter landing spot.
  • Bahr Sahir: Another Coastal location with decent loot and moderate heat.
karakin map in pubg mobile
Karakin map in PUBG Mobile: The roofs of these buildings contain a lot of drops
  • Bashara: Decent quantity of loot with a high chance of engagement.
  • Cargo Ship: Coastal location, great drop but is too popular with players. Expect company when landing.
  • Hadiqa Nemo: Another Coastal town. Its complex layout makes landing easier as you would be able to sneak on other players if you are careful.
  • Tunnels: Scattered across the map – they contain the best gears that can be found on Karakin, but are highly contested and very dangerous. There would be an octopus symbol near the door of any tunnel.

2 – PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: Camping is not an option

This might sound pretty weird but this map is best played very differently from the usual PUBG gameplay you are familiar with. Combat is very fast-paced and action-packed – if you land on a popular spot, you would not have a moment of respite as enemies would come from every direction.

PUBG Mobile new map Karakin
PUBG Mobile new map Karakin: Al Habar's apartment buildings are great vantage spots for sniping

A Black Zone would frequently appear on the map as well – the thing is deals damage through buildings and therefore it’s best to get out of the site as soon as the siren begins. As walls can be destroyed, staying inside buildings is not exactly safe – and there are no bushes in the arena either. These two elements make camping nigh impossible.

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3 – PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: Don’t stand still for too long

Don’t get baited by the loot after a kill or a supply crate – this map is too small and without much cover, and because of that, it is very likely that the moment you stand still to loot an object, you would be killed. Either make sure that there is no enemy in the immediate vicinity or just move on with your current weapon.

PUBG Mobile new map Karakin
PUBG Mobile new map Karakin: The Cargo ship is one of the most crowded spots on the map - you would have to be very careful

4 – PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: Try to carry as many sticky bombs as possible

Sticky bombs are very important on this map, as you would be able to use it to clear out weak surfaces. Strategically scattered all across the map are the Cave Bunkers, which are literal treasure troves for loot spawns. You might have to get some Sticky bombs to access their deeper levels, however.

Karakin map in PUBG Mobile
Karakin map in PUBG Mobile: There aren't many cover spots in the Karakin Tunnels

Those explosives can also be used for other purposes such as entry point trapping – you can detonate the thing when people get past.

5 – PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: Ambush in the vicinity of the Black Zone

These new black zone’s purpose is to push the players out from the safety of buildings and into the fight outside. In the process of doing so, they would be exposed to areas without covers. And this is where you come in. Lying in ambush waiting for people to run out of the black zone can be a pretty decent way to get kills, as they would be running for their lives without caring about covers. After eliminating people that way, it would be relatively safe to loot all their items.

karakin map in pubg mobile
Karakin map in PUBG Mobile: the loot spawn rate of this map is pretty high, so you would be able to find guns in even the smallest building

6 – PUBG Mobile Karakin Map: Keep a level head in the end fights

Try to not be the one to start the fight – the first person who shoots would be the one focused by every other people. It is best that you try to sneak around and hide until there are only a few left.

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