Varenga is a newly added map in PUBG Mobile Lite – it is a grassy greenscape filled with small buildings and thick foliage. Because of this, the map is perfect for close-quarter combat and ambush. It is pretty much an even smaller version of Sanhok, with 60 players battle it out for supremacy right after landing.

Pubg Mobile Lite Vareng
The map of Varenga is filled to the brim with loot places

Because of this, it is of utmost importance that you know which spot to land to get the best loot on Varenga – our short guide below would make sure of that.

1 – The Stadium

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Varenga's stadium is one of the best places to land

This is amongst the most popular landing spot on the map. This square building is located smack right in the middle of the map – it contains a decent amount of guns, consumables, and gear. You can find just about anything here from AR to Sniper Rifles and weapon mods like the scopes. Prepare yourself for immediate battles when landing, however.

2 – Pilot Plaza

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Getting to the plaza is actually pretty hard

This plaza is the biggest area in Varenga. With three huge buildings in a small area, it is probably the second most popular landing spot, just after the stadium. The best way to land on that spot is to aim for the top of the building, grab a gun then swiftly move down. The risk when infiltrating this location is also pretty high, as it has a decent amount of high-quality loot, even level 3 gears.

3 - Factory

It is recommended that you land on top of the factory

The factory is a single power plant building located on the West side of the map. While the quality of the loot here is pretty high, the quantity is pretty low, so if you are planning to land on it, speed is crucial. Common assault rifles like M416, AKM often spawn here. It is recommended to get a rooftop landing for a vantage point over your enemies.

4 - Warehouse

Screen 5
This compound is amongst the best loot places on the map

Placed on the east side of the map, this is the final good spot on the list. The warehouse compound consists of a large main building and three other outhouses. The quality and quantity of the loot in this place is pretty high – you can find a great variety of guns here, along with attachments and consumables. The house around it is also a good place to escape into.

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