PUBG Mobile Lite has launched the latest update 0.19.0 with a lot of new features. Especially, the developers made some changes in the Varenga map to bring players more experiences. Here are some new features on this PUBG Mobile Lite map for you to explore.

New Features In PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map

The latest update 0.19.0 has come already and many players noticed some changes in the main map Varenga. Firstly, the Stadium is not featured in the beta version of this game. However, it's brought back in the official release of this update. You can continue to explore and play in this favorite location. The stadium is one of the most renowned places in Varenga that a lot of players tend to land for good loot.

Stadium Is Back
The Stadium Is Back

Then, the glitch on the mountain near the Church is also fixed in this update. So, you can no longer find it after getting the 0.19.0 update. Besides, the developers of this game also fixed some other bugs and glitches, such as grenade bugs.

New Vehicle
New Vehicles In The Spawn Island

Moreover, they also made some changes to the spawn island of PUBG Mobile Lite. The graphics quality of the game is also upgraded so that players will have better gaming experience. The latest update added two new vehicles, including Mirado and Autorickshaw, to the spawn island. Then, after updating the game, you can go to PUBG Mobile Lite Varenga Map to experiences these new features.

New Graphics
Better Graphics

The latest update 0.19.0 of PUBG Mobile Lite brought many other exciting features to the game. For example, it brought back the zombie mode to allow players to have a great thrilling game to play this upcoming Halloween. As the authority has banned this game in India, you can download the Korean version of PUBG Mobile Lite to enjoy and experience these updates.