Despite that PUBG Mobile Lite is just considered a decent alternative to PUBG Mobile, the successor still provides a competitive landscape of battle royale theme with a level system that requires players to earn XP or EXP to reach higher in-game levels.

Level Pubg Mobile Lite 1
Is there any 'secret trick'?

Once done, players can also take several rewards in turn, so many newcomers are on the lookout for how to do so as soon as possible. It’s undeniable that the more XP you can earn, the more new levels and rewards you’ll notch up - it’s synonymous with you having to gain XP in one way or another.

Read on to find out some of the most essential tips on how to level up quickly in PUBG Mobile.

1. Playing consistently

Chicken Dinner Pubg Mobile Lite
Try all your best to collect more Chicken Dinners.

Generally speaking, XPs are given out after every match based on the overall performance of players. Playing consistently to have good games is the best method ever, resulting in helping players boost new levels more quickly.

2. Daily Missions

Pubg Mobile Lite Daily Missions
Players need to play only one or two games to receive some extra XP on a daily basis.

Daily Missions are a good source of EXP as they’re considered to be relatively easy for players to complete. What’s more, players need to play only one or two games to receive some extra XP on a daily basis – not something time-consuming at all.

3. Using the 2x EXP Card

Pubg Mobile Lite 2x Exp Card
2x EXP Card: 1 Hour in PUBG Mobile Lite's shop.

As the name suggested, 2x EXP Cards double the amount of XP players have gained from all matches during their active sessions. Because this is no doubt the most effective method for climbing higher on the level system of PUBG Mobile Lite. 2x EXP Cards can be found in the in-game shop, events, missions, etc.

Bear in mind that you should not buy 2x EXP Cards from third-party sellers. Let’s follow these steps to purchase them without having to worry about scams.

Step 1: Launch PUBG Mobile Lite and head over to the Shop icon.

Step 2: Choose the ‘Treasures’ tab and look for ‘2x EXP Card: 1 Hour’.

Step 3: Click ‘Purchase’ then confirm your transaction. Each 2x EXP Card will set you back 10 BC (Battle Coins).

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