PUBG Mobile has finally started up its Halloween celebration with Halloweeks - the 2020 version of the event is going to feature Infection (Zombie) mode and Night Mode, along with Blazed Pumpkins and costumes. In this article, we would list all the highlights of PUBG Mobile Halloween Event 2020.

1 - Infection Mode

Nothing beat the good old Zombie mode in a spooky Halloween night of PUBG Mobile. In this mode, 12 players would be split into 2 teams of 9 defenders and 3 zombies. Zombies have unlimited respawn and defeated defenders become zombies. There are 3 rounds for each match and each of them lasts 3 minutes. The zombie would only win if there are no defenders left.

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Players would get access to powerful weapons like the M416 or AK47 right from the start while Zombies can only use melee attacks and abilities with cooldowns. Later on, Zombies can transform into Fast Zombie or Stealth Zombie... or even the Zombie King. Defenders would be transformed into powerful Vanquishers when there are only 3 of them left.


Players would be able to play this mode until November 9.

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2 - Moonlight Mansion

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Moonlight Mansion: Haunted Happenings would last until October 22 - players can now collect Moonlight Tokens by doing daily quests then give them to the Gargoyle for random rewards such as special emotes or character shards. When the event ends, players with all missions completed would get a permanent outfit and AG.

3 -  Halloween Skins and Costumes

The usual Halloween themed contents would be part of the event. Zombies would wear various Halloween masks and the environment in the game would be decorated with Halloween themed items like gravestones, jack-o'-lanterns and candles.

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The new skins for this event would be Halloween Vehicle Upgrades and the Hellfire AKM, along with some special Halloween outfits. By participating in Halloween events, players can get Trick Coupon Scraps and combine them to play Halloween Lucky Draw, which in turn would provide them with Halloween Vehicle Skins.

The new Halloween themed costumes are a Mummy set, Skeleton set, a Count set and 2 other mystery sets.

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