PUBG Mobile's Halloween exclusive Infection Mode has finally returned! It is going to be available under the Evo Ground section in-game and would unlock at level 5. In this article, we would list everything you need to know about the upcoming Halloween Infection Mode.


It is going to be added to the game on October 23rd based on the patch note, 7 days earlier than expected.

About the Halloween Infection Mode:

This "Infection Mode" was originally part of PUBG Mobile's 0.14.0 update last year, available for only a limited amount of time. In this mode, 12 players are going to be divided into 2 teams -Defenders and Zombies.

Zombie King boss

The win condition is pretty straightforward - Defenders would have to survive and protect themselves until the timer runs out, whereas Zombies would have to infect all Defenders to win. The map would be filled with Halloween themed objects like pumpkins.

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Zombies only have melee attacks

When the game starts, 3 players would be turned into zombies, with infinite respawns and higher health. Zombies do not have any ranged attacks like guns and have to assault the human defenders with melee attacks. The defenders have to survive the zombie attacks for 3 minutes. Defenders killed by zombies would turn into zombies as well - this can easily lead to a chain effect in which multiple defenders get turned in a row.

Pubg Mobile Infection Mode 14
Defenders also have melee weapons as well

A match would have 3 rounds - after the 3 minutes of a round ends, all players would be turned back into defenders to start the next round. At the end of the match, players would be ranked based on their performance during the match, as both infected and defender.

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