PUBG Mobile's long-awaited 1.1 updates have just been released on the beta server. This upcoming patch is going to be pretty big - including a new game mode, a new item, a winter-themed event... and more. The patch is probably going to hit the live server after a certain period of testing to clear out the bugs.


In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile's 1.1 update.

1 - New Metro Royale Mode

This new metro Royale mode would come with 2 new maps, a new Night Vision scope along with an exclusive rifle named Tikka. Based on the leaks, the maps are going to be indoor and covered in darkness, thus require the usage of night vision scopes. They might even be in an abandoned Metro.

Thermal vision

There would be special monsters spawns on the map along with a new enemy called Agile Bandits. Not much information are available yet, but Metro Royale is likely to be a PVE mode.

Players would be able to bring weapon loadouts onto the mode, similar to Call of Duty Mobile's loadouts. This would remove the need of having to loot items and let the players focus solely on combat. Furthermore, players would also be able to purchase new weapons in the "black market" Metro Royale Shop in-game as well.

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2 - Improvements in Classic mode

A new "Winter Castle" Structure would be added to Erangel in Classic mode. Players would be able to visit and fight in the Winter Festival hut, a completely new location.

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Melee weapons are now throwable - they can be picked up later to use again. A new item named Spike Trap is going to be added to this patch - it is going to be a counter to enemy vehicles, puncturing the tires of any cars that run over it.

It is unclear when the update would hit the live server. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post to find out more about the Top 5 New Features In PUBG Mobile's Payload 2.0 Mode.