With the absence of PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has claimed the top spot in the Indian mobile market. However, people can still manually install and update PUBG Mobile by downloading the APK and data from a third party website.

In this article, we would discuss Free Fire Vs PUBG Mobile Lite to see which game is better if you have a weak Android phone.

1 – System Requirements for both games

Minimum Reqs for Free Fire

  • Download Size-534 MB
  • Operating System- Android 4.0.3
  • RAM-1GB (Recommended-2GB)
  • Processor- Mediatek MT6737M quad-core
  • GPU-Mali 400
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire: 2 different styles of graphics

Minimum Reqs for PUBG Mobile Lite

  • Download Size-567 MB
  • Operating System- Android 4.1
  • RAM-1GB (Recommended-2GB)
  • Processor- Qualcomm Processor
  • GPU-Snapdragon 425

Overall, the requirement for both games is are about the same, but PUBG Mobile Lite has a slight edge due to its lack of special effects.

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2 - Player count and maps

Both games have about the same player count - 60 for PUBG Mobile Lite and 50 for Free Fire. However, Free Fire's maps are much better designed - PUBG Mobile Lite's maps just do not have the level of polish and care put in like maps in the original version.

3 - Game modes

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire which is best
Free Fire has a lot of modes

Free Fire wins at this category, with a lot more game modes... including the fan-favorite Clash Squad. Other special modes get switched in and out every few months.

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4 - Characters and Weapons

PUBG Mobile Lite is realistic and grounded... while Free Fire has a lot of different systems that provide players with advantages. From character skills to gun skins and even pets, there are a lot of ways to modify the player characters in Free Fire. Furthermore, Free Fire also has fun items like Grenade launchers and Gloo Walls as well.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire which is best
The character system in Free Fire

5 - Verdict

Overall, if you want to play a fun shooter, Free Fire would be your best choice. Its improved version, Free Fire Max, is also in the work - expect the game to be out in the last few months of 2020.

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