Based on a Facebook video posted by TSM Entity, the gang is checking out the basics of League of Legends. Looks like waiting out for PUBG Mobile is not an option after all - the video shows Ghatak and other players in the team working on the basics of League. On the whiteboard before them are various details related to the MOBA like CC, AP, AD... etc.

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This has opened up some speculations that TSM Entity would be switching to League of Legends: Wild Rift later this year when it comes out.

Why is TSM Entity switching to Wild Rift?

Unlike normal gamers, TSM Entity's players are professionals - they play games for a living. Without PUBG Mobile and the pro scene, they would not be able to make money.

There is no way to be sure when PUBG Mobile would be unbanned in the country - or if it is ever going to be unbanned... and with them all having bills to pay, spending time waiting and practicing on a dead esports scene is not something TSM Entity could do.

Because of that, they decided to switch to League of Legends: Wild Rift. To join and make money from an esports scene, it is crucial that you participate since day 1 on a popular game. Wild Rift ticked all the boxes for this - and Riot is definitely large enough to support the Esports scene, tournaments and prize money.

Furthermore, Sid Joshi, manager of TSM Entity, has been playing League for quite a while and is a big fan of the game. He was a big influence behind TSM Entity's game choice.

What is Wild Rift?

It is pretty much a version of League ported into mobile - with streamlined gameplay and optimized controls for mobile devices. The Alpha and Closed Beta tests have been pretty well received by people all over the world, including the Southeast Asia region.

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