Achievement is a unique system in PUBG Mobile in which you would gain new and unique titles after completing various challenges. These titles can then be displayed beside players' names, which is a method of showing off your accomplishments to others. If you want to stream or go pro, you would definitely need a decent amount of them.

In this article, we would list out three of the most wanted titles in the game that are super hard to accomplish.

1 - Season Conqueror

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This title is one of the most difficult to acquire in PUBG Mobile, as not everyone could get to the top of the server. It requires a lot of grinding, talent, effort and even luck to reach the highest tier - you have to compete with the top 1% of players to get into the 500 conquerors list.

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2 - Commando


Commando is super tricky to complete - it requires a lot of luck. Players need to win 50 Classic solo matches in Platinum or above... while not equipping any helmets, backpacks or vests. A skilled player could make do without helmets and vests... but the lack of a backpack would be the biggest challenge.

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3 - Chicken Master

To unlock Chicken Expert, players need to win a Classic Solo match in Platinum or above... and kill the final opponent in a certain way. You would have to use every type of weapon in the game to deal the final blow, including the crossbow, throwable, melee and even a vehicle.

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The huge variety makes it exceedingly difficult to accomplish. However, you could try to break the rule and team up with your friend in a classic match... and just kill then with the corresponding weapon at the end of the game.

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