PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror World update has come with a lot of exciting additions and improvements. Apart from the new features, players are also interested in new myths in the current update. Here are the top new myths you need to check out.

I. Piggyback Carry Myths

Piggyback carry is a new feature in PUBG Mobile and BGMI update 1.7. There are some myths around this amazing addition.

Myth #1

The first myth says that the knocked players will lose less HP when being carried by their teammates. It's confirmed by many players. The new feature of piggyback carry is very useful in this new update. It helps you bring the knocked teammate to a safe place to revive. Moreover, the carried players will lose health more slowly.

Besides, you won't take damage when carrying a knocked player. So, you can carry a knocked enemy to cover and stay safe in an open fight.

Knocked Players Lose Less Health When Being Carrie
Knocked players lose less health when being carried.

Myth #2

Another myth says that if you press the piggyback carry button and weapon switch button at the same time, you can use the gun while carrying the knocked player. As normal, you cannot use the weapon when carrying a player on your shoulders.

But if you switch the gun at the same time you tap on the carry button, you can hold the gun in your hand. So, this myth is also confirmed. You can use hip-fire to kill a nearby enemy. But you cannot open the scope and aim. Besides, you cannot reload ammo until you put the knocked one down.

Use Tricks To Hold Gun
Use this trick to hold a gun while carrying knocked teammates.

Myth #3

The third myth about Piggyback Carry in PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror World update says that the knocked players are temporary shields for you when you carry him. It's obviously confirmed. When you carry a player on your shoulder, he will get most bullets around your chest and head levels.

So, when you knock an enemy down, you shouldn't confirm that kill right away. Instead, you can carry him to avoid getting shots. It's a useful tip to survive in open combat.

Knocked Players Will Take All Damage
Knocked players will take all damage.

Myth #4

The next myth says that you can kill a knocked enemy by carrying and throwing him into the water. It's true in PUBG Mobile 1.7 Mirror World because knocked players will die right away if they fall into the water.

II. Mirror Island Myths

The Mirror Island is the main content to come to the game in update 1.7. Here are some myths about this floating island.

Myth #1

The first myth about this island is about the smoke grenade. If you throw a smoke grenade from the Mirror Island to the map, it creates a smoke line on the sky before reaching the ground. It's useless but fun to know. You can test it in the Mirror World mode to see the smoke line. It's confirmed.

Make The Smoke Line
Make the smoke line with this trick.

Myth #2

The next myth is about the flying portal. It says that you cannot cause damage to enemies in the flying portal. In fact, you can still knock enemies in the flying portal when they are still near the ground. But when they reach a certain height in the sky, you cannot cause damage to them no matter how accurate you shoot.

Myth #3

You can get four kills per enemy because each player has four lives in this game mode, including on the Mirror Island, on two champion islands, and on the classic map. It's actually true and you can kill the same player four times. Therefore, you can get more kills in this game mode to increase your K/D ratio.

Myth #4

There is a myth that players can bring knocked players or vehicles to the champion islands through the flying portal. This myth is busted. If you carry a knocked player to the portal, only you can fly to the champion island. Besides, you cannot drive a vehicle to the portal because there is a shield preventing all vehicles.

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