PUBG Mobile has introduced a lot of weapons for different ranges of gunfights and uses. But there are some weapons that are almost useless, so veterans never use them in their games. Check out the top 5 worst weapons in PUBG Mobile that are not worth using.

#1. Mosin Nagant

Although Mosin Nagant is a new weapon in PUBG Mobile, it's not preferred by experienced players. This new bolt-action sniper rifle does not have any adv advantageous features that make it better than other SRs.

That's why Mosin Nagant is often underestimated in this game. PUBG Mobile players tend to prefer old bolt-action SRs, such as AWM, M24, and Kar98. These legendary guns are powerful and familiar to players. Moreover, Mosin Nagant has a long reload duration, making more players ignore it.

Mosin Nagant
Mosin Nagant is weaker and more useless than other bolt-action SRs.

#2. QBU

QBU is an exclusive automatic sniper rifle in Sanhok. It's also a reason why experienced players in PUBG Mobile often ignore it. In such a small map as Sanhok, pro players often use a weapon combo of two short-range weapons.

Moreover, the mountainous terrain and tropical forests with a lot of trees, rocks, and obstacles in Sanhok make this map become a hotspot of close-range combat. Sniper rifles are often useless on this map. Therefore, there's no need to introduce an exclusive SR in Sanhok.

Qbu Pubg Mobile
QBU is pretty useless in Sanhok.

#3. Winchester

Winchester, or more widely known as Win94, is the most underrated and least used bolt-action sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. While most bolt-action sniper rifles in this game are designed for long-range combat, this gun is an exception.

Win94 uses .45 ACP ammo. It has low base damage and a short effective range. Many beginners try to use this weapon in close and mid-range combat, but the low firing rate also makes it useless in these situations. Moreover, you cannot replace the in-built 3x scope of Win94 with another scope.

Win94 Pubg Mobile
Win94 is often neglected in PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

#4. Sawed-off Shotgun

The sawed-off shotgun is also one of the worst weapons in PUBG Mobile that is not worth using. Although this gun uses 12-gauge ammo, it's still categorized as a pistol in the arsenal of the game. So, you can use it as a backup weapon after two main weapons.

This weapon is often neglected by PUBG Mobile players because they have to reload ammo after every two shells. It's very risky in close combat because other pistols and shotguns are more powerful and convenient with higher ammo capacity. Its low accuracy and ammo capacity make the sawed-off pretty useless.

Sawed Off
The Sawed-off is not useful in PUBG Mobile.

#5. R1895

R1895 is a strong pistol in PUBG Mobile with a high base damage of 64. But it's still one of the most underrated pistols in this game.

R1895 has the lowest capacity among pistols in this game with only seven rounds per load. Moreover, this pistol has a super long reload duration. Like the sawed-off, R1895 is a deadly choice for close combat, especially when you face players with ARs and SMGs.

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