In the upcoming update of PUBG Mobile, the dev team will bring a new weapon to this game. This sniper rifle is the Mosin Nagant. It looks pretty like the existing legendary sniper rifle Kar98K. But is Mosin Nagant PUBG stronger than Kar98K? Check it out here with

Explore The Upcoming Sniper Gun - Mosin Nagant PUBG

Kar98K is one of some legendary weapons in PUBG Mobile. A lot of players prefer this sniper rifle with classic design and great power. Kar98K is one of the most favorite weapons in PUBG Mobile. However, the dev team is bringing a new sniper rifle gun, Mosin Nagant, which looks pretty like Kar98K. 

Mosin Nagant New Pubg Mobile Gun
Mosin Nagant - New sniper Gun In PUBG Mobile

Mosin Nagant PUBG is a sniper rifle gun. In some Asian countries, people often call it K44. It originated from Russia. In real life, this sniper gun uses 7.62x54mmR ammo. Therefore, Mosin Nagan will use 7.62 ammo when it comes to PUBG Mobile like the legendary sniper gun Kar98K.

Mosin Nagant Pubg Mobile
It looks pretty like the legendary sniper gun Kar98K

Not only the appearance but the use and other indexes of Mosin Nagant in PUBG are quite similar to those of Kar98K. It may make players confused in choosing which one to grab. Therefore, it’s possible that the dev team will make some changes in some points of this weapon to make it different. In specific, some certain points of Mosin Nagant will be greater than Kar98K’s.

Mosin Nagant First Look
Mosin Nagant Will Come To This Game In The Upcoming Update

Many players predicted that this upcoming sniper gun will have greater damage and a larger ammo load than Kar98K. But the damage point and ammo load are not enough to make it stronger. Kar98K is one of the most preferred weapons due to its great ammo speed. Therefore, it’s hard to compare these two sniper guns now. We have to wait to experience Mosin Nagant to compare. 

Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98k PUBG

As mentioned in the previous section, PUBG Mosin Nagant and the iconic sniper Kar98K is pretty similar. In real life, these two guns still have some differences. But is it true when it comes to PUBG mobile? Let’s find out the answer here with Today, we are going to compare these two sniper guns in many criteria, such as damage, firing rate, effective range, stability, sound, etc.

PUBG Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98k: Damage

Kar98k PUBG Mobile is the third strongest sniper gun after AWM and M24. And now, PUBG new Mosin Nagant is another strong sniper when it comes to this game. Both in real-life and in this game, Mosin Nagant has a pretty similar damage point as Kar98K in all ranges and parts of the body. The average damage to the enemies with armor and helmet level 1 in the range from 0 – 100 meters is 79. But without armor, the damage that both these guns cause is 113. Thus, Mosin Nagant PUBG damage is similar to Kar98k damage.

Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98 PUBG: Firing Rate

Both in real life and in this game, the firing rate of the legendary sniper Kar98k is 760m/s. It makes the bullets go more accurately. Meanwhile, in real life, Mosin Nagant is a bit stronger with the firing rate of 850m/s. However, when the developers bring this gun to PUBG Mobile, they reduce the firing rate of this sniper to 760m/s. Therefore, in this game, Mosin Nagant PUBG has the same firing rate as Kar98k.

Mosin Nagant Sound
With A Suppressor, Mosin Nagant Sounds Like M24. It's a nice weapon for snipers in PUBG Mobile.

Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98k PUBG: Effective Range

The shooting range of Kar98k is up to several kilometers. But its effective range is from 500-800m. It’s true in both this game and real life. With a large scope, you can still kill the enemies from 1000m. Meanwhile, in real life, the bullets of Mosin Nagant can fly up to 3500m away. But its effective range is also under 800m.

Pubg Mobile Mosin Nagant Attachment Sloy
You can attach a large scope to Mosin Nagant to increase the shooting range of this sniper gun.

PUBG Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98k: Armor Penetration

Kar98k is a favorite sniper for its one-shot power. It means that you can knock an enemy with a headshot when he wears helmet level 2. It makes this sniper stronger than Win94. And now, Mosin Nagant PUBG mobile has the same armor penetration point with Kar98k. You can also knock your enemy with one hit to his head.

Mosin Nagant Pubg
Mosin Nagant has the same armor penetration point as Kar98K

Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98 PUBG: Iron-sight

This is the first difference between Kar98k and Mossin Nagant PUBG up to now. The iron-sight of this new-coming sniper is clearer than that of Kar98k. The iron-sight of Kar98k has a Ray Picatinny, making it pretty difficult to aim. However, Mosin Nagant does not have this ray. So, without a scope, Mosin Nagant is better than Kar98k in aiming.

Kar98k Iron Sight
The iron sight of Kar98K

Mosin Nagant Vs Kar98k PUBG: Sound

Another significant difference between PUBG mobile Mosin Nagant and Kar98K is the sound. Under 1000m, the sound and echo of Kar98k are louder than those of Mosin Nagant. However, over 1000m range, both the sound of these guns are too low to be heard. Mosin Nagant sounds like a mix between Kar98K and M24. With a suppressor, Mosin Nagant sounds more similar to M24.

In conclusion, the status of Kar98K and Mosin Nagant is pretty equal. So, it’s hard to point out which gun is better. However, in the future, the developers may make some changes to make this new sniper gun unique. But we still have to wait for those changes.

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