Team Soul is one of the best and most popular PUBG Mobile squad in both India and the world. They have represented the country twice on the global stage of the PMCO Finals and are currently participating in PMPL South Asia Scrims 2020.

Indias Team Soul May Have Lost The Pubg Tournament
Soul has always represented India in big tournaments

The team has just announced that they would take a break from competitive activities for a few days - and will be returning on the 18th of April. Because of this, they won't be playing PMPL Scrims or any other tournaments during this break. While Soul did not share much information about the reason behind the break, Viper, one of the members, shared on his Instagram Story that the team is going to revise their strategy during this resting period.

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Viper's announcement from his Instagram

Team Soul has been performing pretty badly as of late, with only 28 points ats day 6 of the PMPL South Asia Scrims. This only net them the 11th place, a mediocre result that is pretty alarming. Coupled with their recent failure in the Akhada Cup (8th place finish), it is about time that they get together and research a new strategy for their plays. All members of team Soul have excellent personal techniques - it is likely that their synergy is the problem. This is not the first time Mortal has to initiate a break - and these kinds of break can revive the team and bring them to the next level. After his last break, Mortal and his team came back super strong in PMCO 2019 after creating new strategies.

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Team Soul has been doing pretty badly in the scrim season

PMPL South Asia Scrim is a reorganized version of the real PMPL, which has to be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The season would end on April 17 - Soul's 11 position means that they are not going to win anyway, so dropping out is not a problem.

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