This is the second season of Akhada Cup, an invite-only PUBG Mobile scrims tournament created by India's Proscrims Esports. The competition was held in five days, in which the top teams of PUBG Mobile India fiercely compete with each other to practice and test new strategies. A lot of teams have been invited - and all of them are top tier: SouL, Fnatic, IND, SynerGe...

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The official announcement about SynerGE's victory

After almost a week of intense fighting, SynerGe Gaming has become the winner of the Season 2 Akhada Cup. Fnatic performed pretty well, with a 4th position - they could have gotten higher. Soul, however, has disappointed their fans with an 8th place finish - it looks like there is still a lot to be done. Below is our analysis of the whole tournament:

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The top Fragger list after the fifth day

The three best teams of Akhada Cup Season 2 was SynerGe, Megastars, and Revenge Esports. The three squads were really close on the fourth day's end. However, after the final day of fierce competition, SynerGe, the fans' favorite team, ended up the winner.

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Points total after day 5

From the tables above, we can clearly see that the only teams that can contest SynerGe for the top spots are Revenge Esports, Fnatic India and Megastars. PUBG Mobile India's most favourite team, Soul, wasn't even close to that, with over 100 points below the leader.

These results would surely disappoint their fans - they would have a lot of things to take care of before PMPL South Asia hit. SynerGe, with the roster of Seervi, Austinx, Ted and Shryder, is steadily improving - they are now considered to be one of the top contenders in the South Asia region. If they can keep up what they have been showing in the tournaments so far, they would even be able to contest much further in after PMPL.

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