PUBG Mobile's developer, Tencent, has been investing a lot in the pro scene of PUBG Mobile, with huge tournaments created all around the world. 2020's prize pool for the scene is 5 million dollars - divided into various tiers so that everyone would get a piece of the cake and not just the pros. If you have been dreaming about going pro in PUBG Mobile, this year's seasons are your best bet. Below are some of the best tactics that one should keep in mind when playing in tournaments:

1 - Try to analyze the drop locations of every team in the lobby

Playerunknown Battlegrounds Gun Locations And Vehi
Estimate the locations that your enemies are looting

Identify the most dangerous competitors and try to predict their landing location would let you calculate your own rotation path to the safe zone and avoid unnecessary confrontations. You would also be able to change your own drop location based on the current situation as well (if the usual site is already taken) - people usually investigate heavily on the site they are going to land on prior in order to save time.

2 - Divide the map based on the path of the plane

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Divide the map into zones based on flight path

You would need to analyze the flight path of the plane - divide the map into zones. Overall, most teams would drop in the first circle, 5-6 teams in the second, and 2-3 teams in the last. This information would be very useful in the 3-5 zones for you to avoid unneeded combat.

3 - Team Strategy

Always get everyone on the same page, no matter which strategy you are trying to pull. One player needs to read the game and the current situation to call the shot.

4 - Higher ground is very advantageous


Avoid confronting your enemy while they are on the high ground unless there are no other options. The high ground would always be a huge advantage - enemies would have better angles, view of the entire zone, and better cover.

5 - Survival is always better than getting kills

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale survival game - and it is best that you follow these to the letter. Fights are risky - it is best to not take a fight unless you are sure you would be able to win. Be patient and camp in a safe location or slowly retreat if the fight seems unwinnable.

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