PUBG Mobile has just announced on their social media that a new mode called Cold Front Survival is coming to the game on April 16. In the pictures about the mode, they also revealed that this mode will be available on Vikendi and players will be able to use Drone.

Cold Front Survival 1
PUBG Mobile announces a new mode called 'Cold Front Survival' on their social media
Cold Front Survival
The poster of the new 'Cold Front Survival' mode teases that players will be able to use Drones

The Drone has been a feature in Call of Duty: Mobile for a long time. It is the active skill of the Mechanic class in the Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Mobile. The skill will call out a Drone that can auto-detect enemies nearby and disable their abilities.

Cold Front Survival 2

However, the Drone in the upcoming Cold Front Survival mode of PUBG Mobile will not be the same. Instead of an automatic Drone, players who find this item will be able to control it. You can control it and fly it around to scout around. The Drone has a battery that only allows you to control it for a total of 5 minutes.

While controlling your Drone, your character will be standing still so make sure to you are in a safe place first. You can recall your Drone while using it and you will be switched back to your character.

Other than the Drone, the Cold Front Survival will also introduce new items such as Heater, Meat, and Brach.

In this mode, there will be a snowstorm every once in a while so your need these items to warm yourself and not lose health. The Heater can keep you warm, but not for long. You have to make fire using your Branches in a house to warmth yourself. You can get Meat by killing animals. Roast Meat on fire and eat it will recover your warmth.

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