PUBG Mobile, the biggest mobile title in India is currently flourishing with its huge player base. The game sees very regular updates that add a lot of new contents under the form of uniquely themed seasons. The current season 12, started early March, has been running for a while - and now, a leak including details for the next season has surfaced online.

This information was from a famous leaker/Youtuber called "Mr.Ghost Gaming", a data miner who has been leaking PUBG Mobile update very frequently. The upcoming season 13 is going to be named "Toy Playground" and will have a toy theme. Various lego-like gun skins and power ranger - like character skins would be added to the game.

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The design is pretty similar to a Marvel character named Nova, but with a different color.

The best costume for this season is going to be unlocked at the last level of the Royale Pass - it is also a power ranger outfit similar to the other two, but looks more distinct. Allegedly, the costume is also going to come bundled with a Shield as well - Captain America Style.

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These three skins would stand for the Superhero team, while the Ghost skin would be the villain

By purchasing the Royale Pass, the player would be able to unlock a level 3 helmet skin and a new AUG skin, along with one of the 2 costume rewards: Flash Superman and Lava Superman. These costumes are almost identical except for the colors.

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The last piece of the puzzle is the Ghost skin, with gasmask and glove - it is unclear if we can get this costume from the battle pass or crates. Interested in more of our PUBG Mobile articles? Please check out this post for the top 5 skills you need to become a pro.