PUBG Mobile, in just a short period of time, has become one of the top Esports titles in India and the world, with the biggest prize pool ever for a mobile title: five million dollars. Tencent has been trying its hardest in developing PUBG Mobile's Esports at all levels, from amateur to pro. If you want to go pro in PUBG Mobile - now is probably the best time.

Pubg Mobile Pro League
PUBG Mobile Pro League has a big prize pool of over 5 million dollars

However, becoming a pro is easier said than done. It requires a lot of hard work and sometimes even natural talents. In this article, we would list out some of the more common skills that a lot of professional players have - they are likely to be part of how they become the best in PUBG Mobile.

1 - Master the Gyroscope

Gyroscope is one of the most useful tools in PUBG Mobile - and once you have mastered it, half the battle is over. PUBG Mobile is a shooter on mobile devices - and because of this, its control is minimalized comparing to the usual shooters on PC with a full keyboard and mouse. The use of Gyroscope cut down redundant motions that you would otherwise have to use to look around, therefore, you would be able to perform more actions like shooting or aiming instead.

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Gyroscope settings on PUBG Mobile

The majority of the pro players have mastered this function, including the big names like Scout, Mortal, Jonathan, Owais...

2 - Practice more in the training room or other combat mode like Team Deathmatch

The training room is actually a lot more important than you would have believed. When asked about "how to improve in the game and become a PUBG Pro", most reply with an unexpected but standard answer: "just practice as much as possible in the training room".

Pubg Training Mode 840x473
Training room would be the best location for gun practice

How would practicing in the training room serve anything? Would playing a real match of PUBG Mobile worth more? The answer is actually not what you'd have expected. PUBG Mobile, in its nature, is a survival-oriented game, and if you are doing the "survival" part well, chances that you are not going to encounter many opponents on the way, which would lessen the chance to improve in practical combat. In high-level PUBG Mobile, everyone would have the same level of survival skills, so when it comes to getting the chicken dinner, the one with the better combat skill would win.

Pubg Mobile Tdm Warehouse Sniping 89da
Practice combat in TDM Warehouse map

Because of that, practice your ability to shoot with all weapons, all scopes in the training room is pretty important if you want to go pro. TDM is almost the same as the training room, you get to face real people but with fewer weapon variants. This quick and intense experience would definitely improve your reflexes, a much-needed ability for any pro players.

3 - Use Claw controls

The same reason that people use gyroscope also applies here. With claw control, you would be able to perform more actions at the same time than your opponent. You would be more unpredictable in close combat and react better against upcoming danger. However, because of muscle memory, this is not an easy skill to learn - and if you cannot adopt this, keep using thumb controls. There are some pro players like Entity Jonathan or SouL Viper who are still using this method.

Mortals 4 Finger Claw Setup Layout Pubg Mobile
Claw control is pretty popular amongst pros

4 - Practice Classics with a team to improve coordination

PUBG Mobile, while best played solo, is played professionally as a team game. Because of that, team coordination is very important. You would need to assemble a squad of 4 like-minded players who are also willing to improve - play as many classic matches as possible on Erangel and Miramar - they are larger maps and contain lobbies with the top regional players.

This is the end of our guide on how to go pro in PUBG Mobile. Interested in more of our articles related to this game? Please check out this post for a master guide of the gyroscope from Scout and Jonathan.