PUBG Mobile has introduced a bunch of new events and contests to help push the #PlayApartTogether campaign by the WHO. This includes the "7 Days StayHome" Challenge in India, in-game events and special community discounts. Events are expected to start soon and players should keep an eye on the official social media accounts for more information.

pubg mobile #playaparttogether
PUBG Mobile #PlayApartTogether week will have lots of stuff to do

The "7 Days of StayHome" challenge will take place on the game's Indian social media platforms, and it will cover a number of in-game activities, including themed quizzes, challenges, art contests and in-game battles.

PUBG Mobile 7 Days StayHome rewards

These activities will give participants a chance to win UCs, rare outfits, classic coupons, Bonus Challenge coupons and more. This challenge will also include a community match where participants will have the chance to fight for 17000UC.

pubg mobile #playaparttogether
Lots of chances to earn goodies this week

PUBG Mobile also offers rewards to its community for its second anniversary celebrations. Players are invited to participate in daily missions in classic mode to acquire controllers, which in turn can be redeemed for in-game prizes.

In addition to this, once redeemed, players will have the opportunity to receive rewards like the the RP S12 mission card, the snowboard set, the supply crate coupon, etc.

pubg mobile #playaparttogether
You can fight a pandemic by staying at home and playing games

There is also a new April Bonanza, which is valid during the event period. This means that it is valid until April 12. Fans get an additional UCs from Lucky Crates for the purchase of any UC amount. For example:

Mission 1: Buy any UC, and you get a lucky box containing 10 guaranteed UCs.

Mission 2: Buy at least 60UC and get two lucky boxes containing 60UC additional guaranteed and up to an additional 150UC for free.

In addition, there would be discounts on outfits from April 10 to April 19. The first purchase gets 30% off, the second purchase 50% off and the third purchase 70% off.

pubg mobile #playaparttogether
All sorts of offers and bonuses are available when you buy items and UCs

The game will also offer discounts on outfits from April 10 to April 19. The first purchase will have a 30% discount, while the 2nd purchase will receive a 50% discount. The third purchase will have a 70% discount.

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