Since PUBG Mobile's release, we are all more or UC Cash's purpose in the game - it is the currency of PUBG, used in opening crates, leveling up vehicles and upgrade weapon skins. However, looks like Tencent has decided to shake that up a little with a brand new currency called Diamond. Testers of the 0.18.0 beta version of PUBG Mobile has been sampling various new features that the developers have added into the game for experimenting - most prominent amongst them is the new diamond currency. In this article below, we would cover everything you need to know, including how to use and collect them.

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The New diamond currency was added into the beta

How to get free Diamonds in PUBG Mobile?

To get them, players need to complete a set of tasks/achievements. There are a lot of those and they vary - from Stay in the Training section for 10 minutes to play 3 matches. Overall, this currency is totally free - you can get them from just playing and completing cash. If you are desperate, however, they can be bought with UC as well.
The diamond mission list is currently in the daily challenges tab of the PUBG Mobile beta.

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The various quests can be seen in-game

What are those Diamonds for?

This new currency can be used to narrow down the selection of items when opening crates. For example, there are items on crates that you have already gotten - by using diamonds, you can ban them out of the drop list to get only the thing you haven't dropped. The more unwanted items there are, the higher the amount of diamond you would have to use, however. Because of this, it is best that you save enough diamonds for perfect use of the crate instead of using it little by little.

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Banning out items you don't want to get

Why did the devs do this?

Loot crates' randomness is one of the few reasons that make players hesitate in spending money on PUBG Mobile. With this new currency added, players could grind themselves into the costume they actually want from a crate - which leads to less frustration. Overall - this is a very thoughtful quality of life change.

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