PUBG Mobile has introduced a new costume set dubbed Cool Cat outfit into the game - this outfit is overall excellently designed and has attracted a great many players ever since its release. This is an excellent white-colored outfit that is very suitable for disguising yourself in the snow-filled landscape of Vikendi. Outside of its combat effectiveness, a set of cat ears are also included a part of the outfit, on the headgear slot.

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One of the better-looking sets in the game - and it is great in Vikendi snow combat as well

This outfit is usually available from the in-game shop - previously players can only get this from opening crates, which is highly unreliable. Now, however, it is possible to get the Cool Cat Outfit set without spending literally anything in PUBG Mobile.

After resolving these steps, the reward costume would be sent to your inventory
  • Visit
  • Create an account on the website using your Email
  • Link your PUBG Mobile account with the website (important)
  • After you have linked your account, the costume would be emailed to your mailbox
  • Open the mailbox in-game and activate your outfit
How the Cool Cat set actually looks like in game

After completing the above steps and claiming the outfits from the in-game mail section, players would be able to blend into the world of PUBG wearing the Cool Cat. The important thing to remember is that the costume would only be available for ten days - it would expire afterward. While this sounds pretty underwhelming, you would have to understand that these are not many chances to get a permanent outfit in PUBG Mobile for free - in a lot of instances, the offer would only last for a limited period of time.

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