DP-28 nerf is one of the biggest changes in PUBG Mobile 1.7. A lot of players are still using it wrong without being aware of the weapon nerf or how to adapt to the change. Check out how to use the new DP-28 in PUBG Mobile 2022 right.

I. PUBG Mobile DP-28 Nerf

According to the update patch provided by the game publisher, DP-28 has been rebalanced in version 1.7. The bullet speed, headshot damage, and damage at long-range combat are reduced a little. The game developer hopes this change makes the game more balanced because this LMG is doing too well and surpassing other guns.

These little changes may lead to a big difference in your gameplay and match result. For example, DP-28 is worse in dealing with moving targets because of a lower firing rate. The reduced velocity makes the bullet land on the target later than the bullet of the old DP-28.

Learn How To Use Dp 28 After Update
Learn how to use DP-28 after the update.

II. How To Use New DP-28 Right

To adapt to the weapon change and master the new DP-28 right, you need some tips and tricks. Check out the best attachments, weapon combos, and pro tips to master the new gun after weapon nerfs in PUBG Mobile 1.7.

#1. Best gun combo & scope

Choosing the best scope is very important for DP-28 users. As DP-28 is one of the best guns for mid and long-range combat, 3x scope is the best choice for this LMG. But when the target is about 200 meters away from you, use a 6x scope.

Use 3x Scope
You should use a 3x scope for the new DP-28.

Besides, you need an M416 or SCAR-L as the backup weapon for DP-28. This combo allows players to cover all ranges of gunfights.

#2. Firing tips

Mastering gyroscope and 5 to 7 first bullets in the burst mode are the keys to success when firing with the new DP-28. Pro players tilt their phone slightly and fire 5 to 7 bullets. These first bullets do not go up too much. But if you hold the Fire bullet too long, the increasing gun recoil makes the barrel choke up.

All you need to do is place the cross-hair accurately because the gun is pretty stable in some first bullets. With only 5 to 7 accurate bullets, you can knock the enemy down. After the weapon nerfs, the gun is pretty hard to control. So, you should fire in the crouch position.

Tilt The Phone Slightly
Tilt the phone slightly to control some first bullets.

When shooting the running enemies or moving vehicle, you have to predict the direction and position of the target. Then, place the crosshair in front of the target and fire. It's because the bullet speed is slower, so it will land later than previously. The distance between the crosshair placement and the target depends on the distance between you and the enemy.

#3. Bullet drill practice

You should practice drilling bullets with DP-28 in the crouch and prone positions in the training ground. It helps build muscle memory for players. Your mission is to make the first 5 to 7 bullets land as accurately as possible.

Practice To Master 5 7 First Bullets
Practice and master 5-7 first bullets.

#4. Customized DP-28 sensitivity

Apart from skills, you also need the best-customized sensitivity for DP-28. Focus on 3x, 4x, and 6x scope sensitivity because you use these scopes more often.

Those are the best tips to use the new DP-28 after PUBG Mobile 1.7 weapon nerfs. It's still powerful after the change, but you should know how to use it right.

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