Making mistakes is not allowed in PUBG Mobile if you are pushing ranks. But many players are still making these mistakes without being aware of them. Stop making these 5 mistakes in PUBG Mobile to improve your gameplay and result.

#1. Ignore Throwables In 1v4 Situations

Ignoring throwables in 1v4 situations is one of the most common mistakes in PUBG Mobile. A lot of players spend half of the match looting utilities. But they never use them when needed, especially in 1v4 situations.

Taking advantage of TPP is not enough for winning these panic gunfights. You should use smoke, frag grenades, and Molotovs to slow down the enemy and clear them with ease. Pro players often bring at least five frag grenades in their backpacks to counter a full enemy squad.

Ignore Grenades
Ignore the use of grenades.

#2. Rush Bridge Campers Blindly

Many PUBG Mobile players still think that dashing through the bridge with a car or motorbike is safe. That's a common mistake that makes a lot of players lay down on long bridges in Erangel and Sanhok.

Don't rush bridge campers blindly because they can easily spray bullets to burst your vehicle and kill you. You should blind the bridge campers with smoke after knocking an enemy in the opponent squad. When the opponents are in a hurry to revive their teammates, they will be exposed.

Rush Bridge Blindly
Rush bridge blindly.

#3. Only Shoot To Knock

Noobs think that they should only fire if they can knock the opponent. But pro players always shoot to damage enemies even when it's tough to know them down. Playings too carefully sometimes make you end up killing yourself.

For example, when you fall into an open ambush and get shots, you should fire back and cause some damage to the opponents. Though you cannot knock them down, you can still stop him from firing and killing you right away. Besides, many players may stop shooting to consume first-aid kits when taking damage. It's time for you to finish them.

Try To Deal Damage
Play too passively

#4. Get Panicked In Sandwiched Situations

Most PUBG Mobile noob players get panic in sandwiched situations. But you will definitely lose the gunfight when getting panicked. So, instead of getting panicked, try to get the way out. It's one of the best tips to make you professional in PUBG Mobile.

Don't take death as a serious problem in PUBG Mobile because it's the game. If you die in this game, try to learn a lesson and do it better next time. It helps you calmer in these situations. Then, you can reflex faster and make wiser decisions with a clear mind.

Get Panicked
Get panicked in sandwiched situations.

#5. Confirm Kills Hastily

Many players use their knocked teammates as a freaking trap. So, don't confirm kills unconsciously and hastily. If you are not in a safe position when trying to confirm the knocked players, you can be confirmed by their teammates.

Instead, you need to count the enemies and use frag grenades or Molotovs to confirm kills safely. If the knocked players are out of grenade's reach, use them as a trap to kill their teammates. The knocked enemies will die if their teammates do not revive them on time.

Play wisely and stop making dumb mistakes to increase your level and skills.

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