It takes time to get from noob to pro players in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. But you can shorten this process with some tips and tricks in this battle royale game. Here is the best noob to pro guide for PUBG Mobile players in 2022.

Pro Guide
Tips to get pro soon in PUBG Mobile.

#1. Basic Tips For Beginners

There are some tips and rules that beginners must know to survive longer and avoid making stupid mistakes. Here are some basic tips in noob to pro guide for beginners.

  • Firstly, you need to change your position after taking an enemy down with a gun. The gun sound will reveal your position, so you have to move.
  • Besides, don't loot immediately because other players can shoot you down easily.
  • In open fights, don't focus on the same enemy for too long. Instead, you have to pay attention to the surroundings to spot enemies because the gun sound may attract many enemies around.
  • When you are driving a car in the blue zone and you need to use first-aid kits, just change your seat. Then, you don't need to stop the car.
Change The Seat To Heal
Change the seat to heal without stopping the car.

#2. Secret Tips For Rookies & Veterans

There are some secret tips that a lot of veterans in PUBG Mobile haven't known. When you know some secret tips, you will improve your skills and gameplay a lot. Just check them out here.

  • Always leave a bullet in your magazine to reload faster. This tip is very useful when you use DP-28, M249, and guns with long reload duration.
  • In PUBG Mobile, if you punch while jumping down, you won't make any sound. It helps you hide your position and movement when the opponents are close to you. If you jump normally, it definitely makes the sound.
  • Throw some Molotov in the entrance of the room to prevent enemies from entering and rushing you when you need to use medkits.
  • In addition, you should focus on taking down the driver when shooting a moving vehicle. When the driver is killed, the car will stop and the enemy team will get panic.
Use Molotovs Wisely
Use Molotovs wisely to defend yourself and kill enemies.

#3. Pro Tips By Esports Players

Many experienced and skilled players still lose the game when they encounter esports pro players. If you want to get pro like PUBG Mobile esports players, you should learn some tips from them.

  • Firstly, you need to be unpredictable. Pro esports players often change their tactics and strategies in different matches. Then, their opponents cannot predict their next moves easily. But you shouldn't change it frequently or you may kill yourself.
  • When rushing houses, pro players often try to knock down at least one member of the enemy team. However, they won't confirm that knocked player immediately with grenades and Molotov. Instead, they will wait and rush when they are sure another enemy is busy reviving his teammate.
Rush With The Full Squad
Rush with the full squad when your team outnumbers the opponent team.
  • Always rush with the full squad after knocking an opponent down. You can take advantage of outnumbering squad. Don't fall back alone and hesitate when one or some teammates are knocked. You can revive them after clearing the enemy squad. If you hesitate while rushing, your teammate will die meaninglessly.

Those are the best tips and tricks in this noob to pro guide for PUBG Mobile players. Just practice more and make your gameplay better day by day and match by match.

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