Gyro scope is a pro skill that most pro players are using to win every match. But using gyro skills in close combat is not easy like what you see in their gameplay performance. Here are the best pro tips and tricks for close-range gyro skills in PUBG Mobile you should know.

I. Reasons To Use Gryo Scope

Many PUBG Mobile players use the gyroscope in close combat while others don't find the need to use it. Generally, with the help of this feature, you can switch the targets and move the crosshair without swiping your thumb on the phone screen.

So, you can reflex faster than other players, then you can engage in multiple combats and deal with many enemies at once. After that, doing a 1v4 clutch is not so difficult when you master this skill. But it's not compulsory for all players if you can still play well without the gyroscope.

Gyro Skill
Pro players often use the full gyro when playing this game.

Though you may not need Gyroscope to play PUBG Mobile, you should try to master using gyroscope skills to play like a pro player. Pro players often use the full gyro to play this game. Then, you will have something you have never got when trying to do new things and change your gameplay.

II. Tips For Close-Range Gyro Skills

There are some tips to master close-range gyro skills in PUBG Mobile.

#1. Aiming Skill

The first skill to master when using a close-range gyroscope is the aiming skill. Gyro makes aiming work easier for players because you can switch the target only by moving your phone. If the opponent is in the range of 0-15m, it's better to use gyro hip-firing.

You don't need to drag your thumb on the screen. You can use your thumb to tap other buttons faster, such as the crouch and prone buttons. It makes your gameplay look faster and more professional. But you should improve your performance by far.

Select Ads Or Hip Firing
Select ADS or Hip-firing to aim at different ranges of gunfights.

#2. Movements

In close-range combat, most players keep moving to dodge bullets. Switch on the full gyro feature to track enemies using jiggle movements. It's more difficult for non-gyro players to do it because your thumb should be fast enough to keep pace with the enemy's movements.

It's important to build muscle memory to move the phone faster and faster in every movement. For example, you need to know the best angle to tilt the phone to the left and right when the opponent uses small or large jiggle movements.

Keep Moving In Close Combat
Keep moving in close combat and use hip-firing.

#3. Change Strategies

To master close-range gyro skills, you should change your strategies and get out of your comfort zone. You need to get into unfamiliar territory and do a set of things to survive. You can also learn new skills and actions to play better to react in different situations.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Get out of your comfort zone.

#4. Use A Good Grip

Another tip to master close-range gyro skills in PUBG Mobile is using a good grip. It helps reduce the gun recoil well. Besides, you should avoid all shakiness when holding the smartphone to play, especially when you are spraying bullets. Try to keep your phone stable and your wrist flexible.

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