DP-28 is always known as one of the most powerful LMGs with high base damage and a large magazine. But is it still powerful after PUBG Mobile 1.7 weapon nerf? Check it out here.

I. PUBG Mobile 1.7 Weapon Nerf

The legendary weapon DP-28 has some changes in the damage and bullet velocity. Here are some changes in this weapon after the weapon nerfs in the current version.

#1. Headshot Damage

PUBG Mobile has nerfed the light-machine gun DP-28. The base headshot damage of this weapon is 105.5 which is equal to that of Beryl M762. But it's pretty lower than the old headshot damage of this LMG that was 110 HP/hit. The difference is not too big because the new headshot damage is only 4.4% lower than the old stat. You can still kill the enemy in one headshot only without a helmet.

New Headshot Damage
New headshot damage

#2. Long-range Damage

Besides, the long-range damage of DB-28 is also nerfed which makes a big difference. PUBG Mobile players often use this gun for long-range combat due to its stability and low recoil. But the long-range damage nerf makes DP-28 less powerful and useful in the current update. For every 100 meters, you lose approximately 8% damage.

Therefore, you need more accurate bullets to take the enemy down in long-range combat. But it's hard to shoot accurately at long distances. For example, you lose 37 hit points at 300-meter range. So it's harder for players to kill the target when the long-range damage of the new DP-28 is 23% lower than the old statistics.

Long Range Damage
Long-range damage is reduced.

#3. Gun Recoil & Bullet Velocity

DP-28 is one of the most stable and reliable weapons in PUBG Mobile due to its low gun recoil. The new gun recoil stays the same after PUBG Mobile 1.7 weapon nerf. Sometimes, the horizontal recoil may be larger, but you can easily control the barrel to make it small.

The bullet speed also affects the damage and the gun recoil. When you shoot the moving vehicle, you need more accurate bullets to knock the enemy down and kill him. So, the bullet velocity is moderately lower than the old one.

Pubg Mobile Moving Targets
DP-28 is not good for moving targets as before.

II. Tips To Use DP-28

After the weapon nerfs, DP-28 is not as powerful as the previous version but it's still a powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile. You need to get familiar with this new version and know how to use it properly and effectively. Here are some tips to use the new DP-28 after the weapon nerf.

  • Connect one more shot to deal enough damage after this nerf. You need more accurate bullets to stack damage.
  • DP-28 works best for stable targets. You shouldn't use this gun for moving targets, such as running players and moving vehicles.
  • You should pair the DP-28 with a 5.56 assault rifle, such as SCAR-L and M416. Then, use the AR to counter moving targets.
  • Avoid using DP-28 in close combat because this machine gun is heavy. So, it will slow you down in close combat. It's a disadvantage in this range of gunfight.
  • Use crouch spray to reduce the gun recoil and shoot more accurately.

In short, DP-28 is still a powerful gun in PUBG Mobile 1.7 after the weapon nerf. You can still make it effective in mid and long-range combat when you know how to use this LMG.

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