Apart from the collaboration with Spiderman: No Way Home, PUBG Mobile 1.8 also introduced a new unranked battle royale map called Aftermath. This new map has many unprecedented features. Check out how to play in the new map Aftermath.

I. New Map Aftermath Download

The new map Aftermath is available to download and experience in the Unranked mode. The file size of this map is 147MB, including the map and the new firearm mechanics. You can check out the information about this new map and gameplay introduction as well as the trailer of this map while downloading it.

Aftermath New Map
You can download and play on the new map Aftermath now.

Aftermath is the new version of Livik. The volcanic eruption on this map has melted the snow in the north path of the map and made the terrain change drastically. For example, the urban areas were destroyed massively and houses were broken. Besides, grasses are burned into dust. So. it's easier to spot enemies.

Besides, this map has many additions that make the gameplay change, such as:

  • AC Core Module: increase the aim assist and control but decrease the damage.
  • Supply Shops: use tokens to exchange for guns, armors, attachments, etc.
  • Recall mechanic: lets players recall downed teammates to return to the map.
  • Zipline platform: allows players to move around the map faster.

After downloading the map, you can play the unranked match alone or with friends.

This map has many new features.

II. Tips To Play On Aftermath

As the new map Aftermath has many changes, it also changes the gameplay massively. You need some tips and tricks to play well on this map. Here are some must-know tips for PUBG Mobile players on Aftermath in version 1.8.

  • Always loot Shop tokens to exchange for decent supplies, such as weapons and armors. These Shops will give you high-quality guns and supplies faster than looting on the map. You can also get the targeted item without having to move too much.
  • You should have a long-range weapon, such as sniper rifles or designated marksman rifles. These weapons are more useful in this new map because grasses are removed. Then, long-range combat takes place more often.
Market Pubg
Use tokens to exchange for high-quality supplies.
  • Loot or by a 4x scope or 6x scope to spot and aim enemies in long-range combat. As many walls, grass patches, and trees are removed by the volcanic eruption, players have a larger view and can spot other players more easily.
  • You can camp around Recall mechanic, Supply Shops, or Zipline spots. Many players are coming to these places to buy supplies, recall downed teammates, or experience the new Zipline. Find a safe location to hide and attack enemies suddenly.
  • When recalling teammates, you should use the Riot Shield to make a solid cover because these machines are placed on the open ground. Using smoke can attack the attention of other players and put you in danger. Enemies at a far distance may get attacked and spray bullets into the smoke to kill you.

Those are some tips and rules that you should know when playing on the new map Aftermath in PUBG Mobile 1.8. Many other unranked BR maps are also available to play and enjoy now.

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