PUBG Mobile 1.8 is ready to download and experience now. This big update has a lot of new features, including the Spiderman web shooter. This addition brings many changes and excitements to the gameplay. Check out some web-shooter locations and how to use this new tool here.

I. Web-Shooter Locations

Web-shooters are scattered all around Erangel and Livik. You can find this new tool in Spider-Man: No Way Home Crates in random places on these two Ranked-mode battle royale maps. Here are some locations where you can find these advanced supply crates and get a web shooter.

Pubg Mobile Spider Man 2
Find the new Web-Shooter to swing into the playing zone.

#1. Web-Shooters in Erangel

There are some locations and regions where you can always get a Spider-Man: No Way Home Crate with advanced supplies, such as:

  • Mylta Power Plant: in the left circle on the minimap and guarded by robots.
  • Severny: on the third floor of the red 3-story house on the northeast edge of this city, near the shopping machine.
  • On the observatory tower near Water Town between Rozhok and Ruin.
  • Georgopol: in the large red warehouse near the bridge.
  • Yasnaya Polyana: on the second floor of the big white hall on the entrance of the town, nearby the Recalling Tower.
  • The 2-story squad house on the hill on the northeast side of Rozhok. It's on the second floor.
  • School has three Spider-Man crates in the swimming pool, meeting hall, and under the stairs.
Spideman Crates
Find the Spiderman supply crates to get the tool.
  • On the second floor in the School Apartment.
  • On the second floor of the Main Hall in Mansion.
  • In the 2-story squad house in Mylta town.
  • Pochinki and Ferry Pier also have one in each place. The crates are placed on the corner of 2-story squad houses in these towns.
  • Military Base has three Spider-Man crates at the tower, in the apartment building near the road, and the building with the Shopping machine, next to the observatory tower.
  • The garage and a small warehouse in Novorepnoye.

You can find other crates in hidden corners. So, you need to check the looting spot carefully. These crates can be placed on the floor or hung by spider nets on the wall/roof.

#2. Web-Shooters in Livik

Livik is much smaller than Erangel. But this map has a lot of Spiderman web-shooters. Here are some Web Shooter locations on this map.

  • Crabgrass and Midstein have two crates in squad houses in each location.
  • Shipyard: in the cabin of the ship and the small port.
  • Power Plant has two crates hung on the walls of two warehouses.
  • Holdhus has one crate in the main hall.
  • Lumber Yard has one crate next to the Shopping machine.
  • In the small house between Lumber Yard and Waterfall.
  • In the hut on Waterfall.

You will find more crates in other small houses in unnamed places. These crates give you Web-Shooters and many advanced supplies.

Web Shooters In Livik
Web-shooter locations in Livik.

II. How To Use Web-Shooters

After getting the Web-shooter from the crate, you open the throwable bar and select the web-shooter to equip it. Then, you will see an icon of Spider Net on the screen. Tap to release the net and swing around. Place the crosshair at the location to stick the net to a tree, rock, wall, or just fly straight like Spiderman.

Swing Around Like The Spiderman
Swing around like Spiderman.

Don't stick to high places like towers because you may take fall damage and die. Besides, you can use the spider web ball as a trap to slow the enemy down. This spider web is very useful for climbing 2-story houses to rush campers and moving into the playing zone quickly.

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