PUBG Mobile Spiderman Update 1.8 introduced a lot of new features. Along with these additions, there are many new myths about these new features. Let's check out the most interesting and useful PUBG Mobile myths to bust or confirm in the current version of the game here.

I. Web-Shooter Myths

The web-shooter is one of the biggest additions to PUBG Mobile in the Spiderman Update 1.8. A lot of players are experiencing this new game mode. They also find out some tricks or myths around this new tool.

Myth #1

According to the first myth, you can fly up without sticking to any obstacles if you scroll up while holding the web-shooter button. Actually, you can definitely fly up without sticking to any wall. To do this trick, you need to press the web-shooter button and swipe up at the same time. You need to do it in an open place.

Fly Up With Web Shooter
Fly up with web shooter.

Myth #2

In the second myth, you can use the web-shooter to fly to the airdrop and loot it before it reaches the ground. In fact, the web cannot stick to the falling airdrop. You can fly up over the airdrop with the trick in the previous myth but you cannot stand on the airdrop to loot it. So, this myth is busted.

You Cannot Stand On The Airdrop
You cannot stand on the airdrop.

Myth #3

According to the next myth, you deal higher damage with punches than normal when equipping a spider web. When you equip a spider fist, your punch icon will change to a spider fist icon. But it does not increase the punch damage for players. So, this myth is busted.

Spiderman Fist
The spider fist does not produce more damage than the normal fist.

Myth #4

If you jump to a web shot by your teammate, you will fly up to the sky. It's a fun myth in PUBG Mobile Update 1.8. When your teammate shoots the web, you try to jump to the web. Then, you will be stuck in the web and travel a long distance in the air. It looks like you fly up to the sky. So, this myth is confirmed. But then, you will be knocked due to falling from height.

Fly With The Web
Fly with the web

Myth #5

In the next myth, players can shoot the web to the glider and fly with it. Test it in the duo or squad mode and ask your teammate to drive the glider. Then, you try to shoot the web to the glider. But even when the web stick to the glider accurately, you cannot fly with it. So, this myth is busted.

You Cannot Fly With The Glider
The Spiderman cannot fly with the glider.

II. Aftermath Myths

Aftermath is a new Unranked Battle Royale map with new terrains and features. Here is a myth about this new map that can be fun or useful.

According to this new myth about Aftermath, you will see your teammate wear a different outfit but not his actual one. You can ask your teammates which outfit they are wearing. Then, you will realize that the screen shows a totally different outfit. Even when they remove their outfit, it still shows you the old ones. It seems that outfits on this map are default sets. So, the myth is confirmed.

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