For those who don’t know, Cat Quest is a single player action-RPG style in which you control a cat to go on an adventure across a fantasy world, defeating enemies and completing quests in the process. The design is pretty simple, but it’s an incredibly cute and entertaining game.

Last year, developer The Gentlebros announced a sequel, Cat Quest 2, which is set to launch sometime this year. So far, we’ve had a couple of gameplay footages, and this sequel looks very much like its predecessor, except this time there’s a second main character: A dog.

Cat Quest 2 reveal trailer

The introduction of this additional protagonist opens up new opportunities for a lot of fun cooperative play if you have a friend to share it with. Each player will have a separate inventory, and even though loot is shared between you two, some items are dog-exclusive while others can only be used by a cat.

Each animal also has a different attack style and magic spells, which contribute to creating its own distinct playstyle. Of course, you can always play by yourself as well, in which case you can switch control between the cat and the dog simply by pressing a button. The one you’re not playing will be controlled by AI.

Cat Quest World
Follow the mismatched duo as they adventure through a cute fantasy world

In term of world design, Cat Quest 2 is incredibly similar to the first game, meaning original fans will be able to just pick it up and instantly know what to do. And that’s absolutely not a complaint. After all, Cat Quest’s accessibility and user-friendliness are what made it great to begin with, so there’s no need for the developer to over-complicate things.

The first Cat Quest was a relatively short experience, offering only 6-7 hours of gameplay. It remains unclear how long Cat Quest 2 will last, but considering that it promises a “brand new story”, we have reasons to expect a more expansive world. More weapons and spells will be coming as well, so the combat system should be more polished.

Cat Quest 2
A great game to share with a friend

Cat Quest 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this year. The exact release date has not been announced yet, however. The developer allegedly has plans to port the game to mobile after that initial launch as well, so stay tuned for more update.

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