Ever since Hamsterdam was first revealed in 2017, it has captured the attention of beat ’em up fans with its touch-based control system, which combines elements of rhythm- tapping and gesture-based maneuvers. Needless to say, this is a game specifically made to be played on mobile devices.

Hamsterdam Control
A responsive touch-based control system combining rhythm-tapping and gesture-based maneuvers

Roughly a year after that initial announcement, developer Muse Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds to push the game to its finish line. The campaign ended up being unexpectedly successful, gathering twice as much as the intended amount. Towards its end, the developer published a new gameplay trailer for Hamsterdam, demonstrating how the game was going and what players could expect. You can check out that trailer below to see it for yourself.

So now, Hamsterdam is hitting yet another milestone in its development process: It is now available for Early access on Android. You can open Google Play right now to grab the game absolutely for free. The best part is, this Early Access version doesn’t even contain any ad or IAP whatsoever. All Muse wants is that you play it, as that allows them to collect statistics such as how often you play, how long you play for, how far you get, etc. If you do like the game, you can also support the developer by recommending it to your friends.

Hamsterdam Action
If you like the game, don't forget to recommend to your friends

Don’t worry if you own an iOS device either, because a beta version Hamsterdam is also available on Testflight. Moreover, on the game’s official website, you can find links to all sorts of things such as its Discord channel and other social media sites as well.  Don’t forget to follow them if you want to keep yourself updated as soon as there is any new information.  Otherwise, stay tuned for more details.