Imagine this: You are a cute kitty, but you are also an amateur cook. Now, you have just opened your own burger shop. It’s your first day on the job, so of course, you’re a feeling bit nervous… but all of your customers are also adorable animals that make you want to satisfy their orders to the best of your abilities. That is exactly what you are going to do in Kawaii Kitchen.

The idea behind this cutesy mobile game is pretty similar to the Burger Shop series. You’ll run your own burger stall, numerous customers will come in with specific orders, and it’s up to you to pick the correct ingredients from the dozens that you have available and combine them correctly to satisfy the customer’s demand. Check out the trailer below to get a visual demonstration of how the game works:

The further you progress into the game, the more popular your shop becomes, and you’ll unlock more ingredients.  Of course, orders you receive will also get more complicated, requiring you to incorporate more flavors into your burgers. This is where your skills as a chef will truly be put to the test.

Additionally, some customers are going to have other demands besides just a burger as well, such as different drinks or side dishes (which include fries and the like). They are just as crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction as the main dish, so be sure not to mix them up.

Kawaii Kitchen 1
Be sure to deliver the correct order to your customer in order to satisfy them!

Right now, Kawaii Kitchen is officially available as a free download on Google Play as well as the App Store. If you like food and cute animals, this is the game for you. Go get it and prove that you are the best burger chef to have ever walked the Earth!

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