Elevator-based games are hardly anything new in the market. The arcade game Elevator Action has practically become a classic at this point. Or if you want a more recent example, a big part of the Tiny Tower series had players controlling an elevator. In these games, your tower often gets a VIP guest that needs to be delivered to a particular floor quickly, and if you successfully do that, you will earn a bonus. Now imagine this: If you fail to deliver your guest to the correct for in time, instead of simply not getting a bonus, the guest will literally explode. That is basically what Lifty! is like.

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This new elevator action game is the debut title of Major Frank, an Australian developer. Your passengers are multi-colored cartoon figures, and you need to quickly bring each to the floor of their respective color, or they’ll… explode. If that happens 3 times, it’s game over. It makes sense if you think about it: If an elevator has 3 fatal accidents within such a short time span, it should not be allowed to continue operating.

Watch the trailer of Lifty! below:

As you can see, the game employs a cutesy art style and silly character models, which make all these exploding deaths not as gruesome as they sound.  It’s not like this is the Mortal Kombat version of elevator games or anything. Instead, think of it as more like the Lemmings or Pikmin of elevator games.

As you successfully deliver the passengers, you will be able to climb higher and higher up the tower. If you make it to the top, you will earn the title of Lifty King. Throughout the game, you can also unlock tons of elevator types, including some pretty bizarre things such as a car, a ketchup bottle, or even an entire hamburger. Furthermore, as you play you can collect coins to upgrade your elevator, like increasing its speed and capacity. The game also features several environments to play in, from shopping malls to car parks and subways and many more.

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This cute and fun game is a perfect fit for the mobile platform. You can carry it in your pocket and play while on the train, between classes, or fittingly, while waiting for the elevator! You can pre-order it right now on Google Play or the App Store, or get it when it officially releases on both Android and iOS next week, on the 20th.