You must have heard about cat cafes or dog cafes, but what about hedgehog cafes? In cat cafes, we could get a pastry or beverage and play with tons of adorable cats wandering around us. It would be such an amazing place to go when you need to relax. Hedgehog cafes have the same ideas, but instead of cats, we have the rarer hedgehogs. And now, developer Mariana Mota has used this adorable idea to create Dear Stefan, a spiky lovely little critters game.

1You will help Stefan the Hedgehog to collect and deliver lost love letters

Dear Stefan is an adorable puzzler about hedgehogs and love letters. The concept of the game is in pink color. Stefan, our hedgehog protagonist, lost every love letter by mistakes, and now it needs your help to deal with the problem. You will activate as well as deactivate several flexible platforms, bouncing a group of small and cute falling hedgehogs in order to collect and deliver missing love letters. It may sound a little bit crazy and dull, but the trailer of the game would make everything clear. Check it out below:

Dear Stefan Trailer

As you can see, the game is not easy because of the vulnerable, bouncy and windy obstacles on your way delivering the letters.

This kind of binary platform activation is quite similar to Perchang, another adorable puzzler that was released a few years ago. According to the trailer, there are plenty of mechanics and elements that appear in the game in order to make sure that you cannot just activate and deactivate the platforms mindlessly; you will always have to be on your toes. Dear Stefan could be considered as an interesting mixture of twitch-based and puzzling reaction.

2Dear Stefan will be launched next week

The launch day is set on Wednesday, March 13th on Android and iOS. If you are keen on extremely cute hedgehogs and want to play a puzzle game about them, you should give this a try.