We have seen several impressive titles on mobile which were developed by Jussi Simpanen (Adventure Islands). His newest game Total Party Kill has finally been announced to come to mobile platforms.

Total Party Kill is the kind of game that cleverly utilizes the friendly fire mechanic. In this game, you will have to master the art of ... killing your allies along with problem-solving as you enter an adventure into deep and dark dungeons. With an incredible vibe of old-school graphic design and smooth animations, the game will make your adventure exciting by featuring lots of puzzles throughout your way. Remember, if you want to finish your adventure, sacrifices are unavoidable. Let's enjoy the trailer below to fully understand what it means:

In Total Party Kill, three different heroes will be under your control. Each of them has a unique set of skills designed to help you get through a series of puzzles. However, the interesting part here is, the obstacles are designed in a way that requires you to intentionally kill off your characters in order to progress. For example, the Wizard can freeze a party member into an ice block, which you can push down a spike trap to use as a foothold. Meanwhile, the Archer can pin another into the wall to then jump off of.  You only need one hero alive to get to the end of the level and be the winner, but of course, once you sacrifice someone, you'll lose access to his unique ability for the rest of the stage. As a result, you must consider who you need and who you don't to make the final decision.

Below are some screen captures of the game:

There will be 3 heroes for you to control
You will have to get through a series of puzzles
An incredible vibe of old-school graphic design

If you are excited, Total Party Kill is set to release for PC and mobile platforms on July 3, and we will keep you posted when it is available for pre-order on Google Play and App Store.