The game Shapes and Holes developed by Cats Head Games, is basically about putting things in a way that they fit perfectly into others. During this game, you are required to bring shapes that have matching holes together in order to solve variously different challenges of puzzles.

At the easiest level, all you have to do is pair circles with the tiles with circular holes, and the same with squares and triangles. Everytime you match a pair, another new pair will appear on the top.

Shapes and Holes

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However, the challenge will escalates very quickly. The screen will be static with simple shapes at first, but then it will begin to inexorably scroll upwards with a lot of intricate shapes which makes it very hard to differentiate right away.

There will also be some new elements as well as rules added into the game too, for instance, disappearing tiles and also moving shapes.

Your goal is to earn a set number of scores as fast as you can, then your performance will be rated with a hat system. The game’s developer has tried to avoid star ratings and instead used a internationally recognized hierarchical system of headwear: crown, helmet and cap.

Making shapes

Campaignlevel 3
The game offers two campaigns for single players to take on. In the first campaign, which is also the original one, you need to complete 65 levels full of diversity and challenges, meanwhile the newly added campaign with a winter theme which has you bring winter to a small village. In this challenge, you can add snow through the special ‘Snowflakes’ levels. Besides that, the ‘Cookies’ stages will help you add more Christmas lights to the windows. You will have to complete levels like that and slowly turn the village from a gloomy place into a glorious one.

That’s not all, the game is about to release another mode for two players beside the single player mode. Similar to multiplayer Tetris, in this mode, you will be able to make it more difficult for your opponent by matching the titles as well as speeding up their action on the other side.

Shapes and Holes is challenging still very satisfying to play. You can find it on Google Play Store, you can choose between getting the free lite version or buying the full version and try it out.