The original Nonstop Knight game from Kopla Games is published by Flaregames 3 years ago. Its debut on iOS was a success and has then seen a spinoff featuring the legendary action films star Chuck Norris. Now, Kopla Games and Flaregames have announced a sequel: Nonstop Knight 2. Below is the original game’s trailer:

Original game features

In the original game, there are many things you can do: Engaging in battles with enemies, defeating raid bosses and earn gold from that. Then, you can upgrade your knight, make it stronger and stronger through times. As you level up, there are many new abilities to learn and to master. There are also dungeons to go through and leaderboards to climb, which offer rich rewards. Moreover, this is a stress-free game – an ideal game to play on the go. Last but not least, you don’t need an internet connection to play the game. Below are the screenshots from the original game.

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Expect the big changes

Nonstop Knight 2 is expected to arrive in this year and we will still be seeing the single-handed gameplay which allows you to do basically everything with just one thumb. However, expect a lot of changes as the developer wants the game to feel more action-RPG-like on mobile. Also, the developer claims to feature an important social component in the sequel. The original game is free of charge, so we’re excited to see the new changes. It’s even more exciting to know that the developer wants to set a new standard for action RPGs mobile games in this release.

Nonstop Knight Items
Choose from a variety of items to equip your character.

In case you didn’t try the original game, download it for free from the App Store. Across the globe, more than 15 million people have played Nonstop Knight since its first appearance around 3 years ago. Are you excited about its release or have you already had another amazing mobile action RPG to play?